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  • jeffwtux jeffwtux Jan 30, 2013 10:44 PM Flag

    I have no respect for any human who ever uses a slippery slope argument

    to justify their position, any position, ever. I've said this to FAMILY MEMBERS WHO MAKE THEM. Whether it's liberals who are against means testing of Medicare or drilling on an airport sized piece of land within ANWAR(the size of South Carolina which can be fit 16 times inside of Alaska), or it's conservatives telling us that Iraq was an imminent threat to US National Security, that gay marriage will destroy all marriage, or gun control means they will take away all our guns. All these arguments are equally idiotic, and anybody making one is an idiot unworthy of my respect.

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    • Oh, Hi there. It's a buy. What they do to tomorrow, they did to yesterday. Therefore they are not part of the fabric of this Republic. Hi Rahm. That means you, mister slippery slope. God given rights are non-negotiable. Bye.

    • Are you sure there are folks out there looking for your respect? Respect works both ways.

      Bottom line here is you are free to do what you want to do as long as you don't impact my family or me. In this gun control hysteria, they are attempting to impact my family and that is a no-go. I have said over and over to no avail, you're free to not own firearms, it's your right. I choose to own firearms which is my right.

      BTW, Senator Leahy is backing away from Senator Fienstiens bill... Looks like it will not even get out of comittee. On to the next crisis while we ignore the economic state of our nation.

      Perhaps after SWHC releases earnings, I will reward them with the procurement of a couple of firearms to add to my collection.

      If you don't stand for something, you stand for nothing...

    • I trust not a snake oil sales man
      neither I trust a pea brain woman reading as she is told
      and I will not pay protection to a cartel from chicago
      and I will not wait for no body to come and save my family my dog or me
      from tyrants, rioters, and wolf, wolf, callers.
      now if you want to be married to a horse that is fine with me but don't push it on me
      I'm not you and don't try to slippery slop argument #$%$ on my civil rights
      south the boarder they have all you are asking for and that is not for me

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you don't stop these comments, you're going to wind up sliding down a slippery slope to anyone who believes law is made by precedent in this country. You poke a hole in that balloon, you can get cascading unintended consequences.

      You're real argument is removing from systemic slippery slopes that do exist, like our legal system of reliance on precedence, to social or political issues for which precedence doesn't count.

      One slippery slope was Vietnam, which went Communist when we pulled out, and never got past the who cares test. See how that works?

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