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  • fixthesec_now fixthesec_now Feb 26, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

    The tale of the tape...

    indicates some pretty funky movement; being taken down on relatively small volume. either they are building in some room to run on earnings, or, no matter what the earnings, the liberal wall street obamanista donors are are preparing for a full bore short attack. I fret the later, gl.

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    • Sure feels that way....though the short position has actually decreased in the last report. The thing is though that tactic only works for so long. Shorts have to cover while they pay margin et al (and dividends if SWHC declares one...that could be fun next week!).

      Sooner or later this stock becomes a no brainer, if nothing else as a takeout target (if I were a shark looking for a nice solid income, I'd consider a buyout of this company! It's a money making machine and would likely provide a much better income privately versus publicly away from the spotlight the liberal media has on it. How much do you hear about Freedom Group anymore? Nada.).

    • 'Tis but a dumb thing to short a company under the circumstances:

      FACT: SWHC has great earnings,
      FACT SWHC has little debt,
      FACT: the financial strength of the company is not recognized in the the stock prce,
      FACT: Gun control is going nowhere fast.
      FACT: SWHC has backorders for the next three years.
      FACT: No short will go near this,
      FACT: the shorts cannot come up with a compelling rationale that gun control will affect this company going forward.
      FACT: Shorts are afraid of the excess cash on the books which can be used for special divvies, buybacks, and acquisitions of additionla businesses.

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