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  • jackalsrevenge jackalsrevenge Mar 6, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    Anyone claiming "sell the news"

    is either uninformed or flat out wrong. Look at the stock before Newtown and it was over 11, and certainly comfortably above 10. Yesterday, around mid day, the stock was trending higher, and then it got slammed for the second half of the day. The stock has such a small market cap and share price that MM are absolutely manipulating the stock price. This is not a sell the news event, when revenue triples and guidance is increased substantially. However, all longs rest assured that THERE WILL BE NO BAN on assault rifles (though I believe there should be, but I won't let that get in the way of making a buck), and demand will continue to be robust UNTIL it's clear there will be no ban. Sadly, I bought yesterday at 10.00. I will wait and double up IF it gets to 9.00 or below. Bottom line, this stock will rebound when all the negative sentiment around guns in general dissipates. GLTA.

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    • It is being held down. The instant I sell, it will go up. Just something I learned after all these years... Not really joking. They do this sort of thing for sport, and there's no law against sending a mass mailer saying 'not yet', or 'now'. Sort of like the sandy hook hoax. I saw people break down into instant tears when this happened, people who should, but will never know better. But I see mister parker and my spirit gasps for breath like it's being waterboarded.

    • Jackal, the buyers of this stock in th elast week were a disparate group. No doubt many of them were traders who saw this as a momentum play in the runup to earnings. When earnings were released these opportunists dumped their positions and looked for a fast trade elsewhere. So for that group, sell the news is a accurate description.

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      • That may be true, but there's no way anyone can convince me that the stock isn't being held down. I also own LGF and the same thing happened after earnings. The only reason I'm annoyed is the time decay on my options. The stock itself will be fine in a couple weeks. When you look at the call volume at 10 and 11 strikes even today, there is no question that the sentiment was bullish, they beat, raised guidance and the stock falls. There's something rotten in denmark, friends. It's all about HFC and high liquidity pushing a micro cap stock like this around. GLTA

    • You misunderstand the point of the Second Amendment. While one can argue practical constraints to civilian arms, most Americans including many service members know a semi auto .223 carbine does not fall into a category with LAW rockets etc. What you are telling people is that because of an item that takes fewer lives than hammers, American civilians should be even more overwhelmed by their rulers. It is clear by the words of the founders who framed the Amendment that they intended that our civilian population should not be easily manipulated by state or federal governments.

    • A lot of people looking for a short term pop yesterday became long term investors today.

    • Newtown occured on December 14th 2012. On December 13th 2012 SWHC was trading at about 9.50. It began sliding down from 11 about a week before the Newtown incident. I'm long SWHC but I'm just pointing out that it is not 100% the result of SandyHook that knocked the stock off its high. Newtown hit it hard, but unless this is all some short conspiracy, something else knocked it off its high.

      It is a common misconception that Netown destroyed this stock. In reality it just hit it much harder than it had already been hit. I think its a buy at these levels. Not at 10.50 but definitely at 9.50.

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      • I remember the December fall in PPS having a lot to do with the earnings announcement about a week before the Sandy Hook incident.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Newtown became a problem and I'll explain why...

        Every stock goes through period of weakness. It is true that SWHC was already experiencing weakness prior to Newtown disaster. But what Newtown did was ensured it wouldn't come out of that weakness until last month. I believe if it wasn't for Newtown, SWHC would have found its feat above 200ma. Newtown changed the direction of the stock and broke the pattern on the chart.

        Again, I will emphasis that Newtown tragic has actually directly made SWHC more lucrative investment for obvious reasons. Before that event, it would be confined to trade between $9 and $12 over extended period of time. But after yesterday's result, I can see this breaking into $15 to justify the current valuations. Hence the huge $15 September option calls we saw yesterday.

      • Today I looked at the Historical pricing, and it confirms what you have Posted, regarding SWHC price level as of the Sandy Hook shootings. Along with that, did you notice just what happened to be the Low of the Day today ? Just so happens to be that same exact price level from back then.

        When SWHC hit 9.56 today, it bounced up quickly into the 9.60's. Has the market perhaps "given back" that previous value to Restart with (much like a floor) ??? What is unique about this is, I had a conversation with another family member last night, and this was the exact number that came out in our discussion. Anyway...I suppose we will find out what develops. I was planning on buying some shares tonite, but not liking what I see on the Charts...something is out of order with the distribution.
        The shares appear as being Overbought, and I know that is not correct....needless to say, I will wait for the AM, and not do an overnite. Thanks and best regards,

    • Good thing your not a congressman and try to pass "feel good legislation" . We are a republic of laws not a democracy ruled by mob rule. Any ban on assault weapons will lead to a second revolution.

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      • I didn't post my feelings to get into a political debate with anyone. AS a former marine, #$%$ault rifles are made specifically for killing people. That's it. So, when a weapon itself makes it so much easier to kill unarmed people quickly and efficiently, then yes, I think it should not be in the hands of the average joe. Furthermore, the right to bear arms does not include tanks, landmines, grenades, etc. If you can't protect yourself and home with a handgun, rifle (a .22 will pierce armor), a shotgun, and a few guard dogs, then why should anyone let you purchase an #$%$ault rifle. LIke I said, it will never happen, but it should. I fully believe in the right to bear arms. I don't believe in the right for any moron owning a weapon of destruction that is designed again specifically for killing human prey. Finally, if you think that pansy #$%$ Ar-15 will protect you from Uncle Sam, think again. IT will provide you and no militia protection against what is easily the greatest military in the world. That's what kills me about the argument. The guns themselves do nothing to protect anyone against the government. When Seal team Six knocks on your door (speaking figuratively of course...they will not knock), you can kiss your #$%$ good bye. GLTA longs.

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