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  • marcymartin23 marcymartin23 Mar 15, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    really enjoyed seeing Feinstein "spank" jr Cruz


    slam bammm !!!!

    AR-15 = child porn teddy the canadian/commie cruz

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    • You know, I have observed how liberals try and get their way,,, with anything. I your case, it is with the controversial weapons ban. Conservatives, such as Ted Cruz, come to the table with logic, facts, the Constitution, and try to sensibly discus the issues, or in this case, ask Feinstein a simple question regarding Constitutional rights. However, as usual, liberals resort to temper tantrums and evading the question (acting offended is always a great tactic.) Anyhow, other favorite liberal comments practiced to a great extent include racist, women hater, child hater, and environment hater. All I can say is, instead of getting in a war of words with you, a liberal (which cannot be won because you cannot reason with a liberal), I rather feel pity for you because someday you will be in a situation of danger with no weapon to protect yourself and not a policeman in sight. After whatever unspeakable act happens to you or your family, you will then learn, it it up to every individual to take care of and protect themselves. That is why socialism has never worked or ever will.

      Have a good day lib!

    • Wow,you call a Junior Senator who is fighting for our Constitution rights a Commie,pretty sick..smear , lies and character assassination is what you lefties do.Rite out of the handbook of,Saul Alinsky, ( Rules for Radicals) a Communist.

    • You should be on the "no gun list".

    • She didn't spank anyone. She evaded the question by lying. She said she put her fingers in bullet holes, and otherwise had an emotional hissy-fit. She couldn't argue with facts or logic so she resorted to emotions and lies. Add to, she did not answer the question. With an approach like that, the gun bill is dead on arrival. Maybe Diane can put her fingers in that.

    • The only thing i saw was Feinstein avoiding answering the question.

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