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  • pow_351_go pow_351_go Mar 25, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    jrperg a short

    I don't mind shorts, but jr knows nothing about the company he is bashing.just bash,bash,bash. Senseless posts with no facts or reasoning. Mr Angry on the loose. I hope he's only armed with stupidity.

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    • Think jr is just upset that he's lost $5000.00 on SWHC and rightly so. Nothing sinister and neither is he short, although I told him to buy puts or short his own shares to protect what he still had.
      It's ok to bash a company that won't fully disclose certain filings.
      Keeps them a teeny bit honest next time if they see shareholder revolt.

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      • pow,
        You yourself said NOONE wants to buy Freedom's assets, so yes, they can price the shelf and disclose they are after an acquisition, since they won't have any competition. Or they could price the secondary and be silent on what it is EXACTLY for. Since they did not, stock (hence retail holder) will now suffer the consequences of the unknown price of the Secondary.
        Plain and simple; Dead stock until the Secondary is priced and the worst part is as the price goes down the Secondary will be priced even lower and lower, thus making the day before announcement trade the worst day to own the stock.

      • "won't fully disclose certain filings"?
        The freedom deals have come up abruptly and do you expect them to tell you precisely what the proceeds are for?

        Are you serious? swhc has also told you what the next quarter numbers will be. I guess you would consider it fair if debney called you directly and disclosed the intentions of the shelf.

    • So what explains the approximately 2% drop today?

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      • The copmuters are working overtime today- this is pathetic and should be illegal. This morning there wrere only a couple of blocks up for sale and then a few more showed up. Now that they have beat it down there are even more blocks up for sale keeping it down even more.
        We wont have a good run up until this #$%$ is over.
        I am disgusted but the last time I walked away it shot up on me.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Market is down. Swhc beta is 1.2, shorts pushing on down catalysts. There is nothing else. Fear is ahead of fundamentals.

        Ruger reporting Q1 earnings soon.

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