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  • je.starling je.starling Mar 25, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    Have to admit...

    Even though I strongly believe in SWHC and its stock, the pounding since earnings is taking a psychological toll...

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    • rockwoodpaul1 Mar 25, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

      Could not agree more. This is when people usually start selling at a loss. I stand by my opinion that downside risk is limited to about 9/share. This stock is trading well below fundamentals for now but don't expect it to stay that way. Even if the stock price goes somewhat lower from here I'm not too worried about it. Feel like most of the volume lately are daytraders trying to time this stock. Money likely waiting on the sideline for golden cross, momentum change, and assault weapon vote. Expecting this stock to start running closer to AW vote which should take place April 26 or earlier. Now is not the time to sell.

    • Yes. That is the name of the game at this point. Shorts are going into overdrive as time is their enemy. I would not be surprised to see an investment made to get more shares
      Time for An acquisition is imminent. The state of California treasurer threatened Cerberus and they will sell assets in short order.

      I have not seen such an effort to short every uptick. The stakes are very high here with 14,000,000 shares short and acquisition news imminent. Its a futile war for the short, fought on an hourly basis. They need to find shares and the click is ticking. Part of the skit is to flood the boards with a barrage of garbage and lies.

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      • Keep on telling yourself this as you lose 4% daily. I will tell you when I get back in and I will keep posting after that 14 million short is covered and you will then learn that my post about Secondary was right and I will have bought stock back at much lower price.
        I've been on these boards for over a decade and when I short I have no qualms about pronouncing it. Check GM, AIG, LEN PHM, TOL etc.....multiple boards where I posted my shorts and my reasoning.
        Again....I would be short here if IRS rules allowed me to be.
        I hope some newbie looking into SWHC is saved from disaster by being informed about Secondary (that is 1/3 of their whole market cap) being out there at an undisclosed price offering.

      • so true on the mess. bd. bashing. Couple have shown up and when the stock is dropping it does make one second think what the hell they are doing.

    • on me too. I cant believe this is going on.
      I noticed alot of buying going on in the last hour of the day.
      Does that mean we go up tomorrow?????

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I believe in it too, but I've been through a 100 secondaries and they are never good for the short term stock price. I never go to bed anymore worrying about my stocks; If they fall, whether for a reason or not past my max pain I GET OUT. I can always rebuy, never at the bottom, but at least I can sleep.

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      • rabies, you show you are an ametuer when you admit you only buy (long) stocks when money can and should be made in both directions (long and short). Another sign of a uninformed investor is when they admit to "doubling down".
        I don't have fear as I cut my losses quickly and let winners run with a stop loss for protection.
        You should really learn some smarter investing techniques than "doubling down". Also, it is a fearful investor who cannot or will not learn how to use options and shorting as a tool to build their portfolio. It's like building a house with just a hammer and saw, while your neighbor uses all the tools and gets a better finished product at a much better cost.

      • I sleep through most of the trading day because I only buy fundamentally sound stocks. This thing could lose 50% in the short term for no reason, I'd keep adding to my position (avg down), and in 6 months to a year when it's in the mid teens I may take some profits and eat your fear for breakfast. You talk as if you are a mother hen who puts all her eggs in the same basket. I never short, I rarely sell, and avg down buying usually does get me a partial position within a few percent of the bottom. Keep on pumping that seconday possibility, I have plenty more cash to throw at this while the shorts think they have something.

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