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  • equity_360 equity_360 Apr 2, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Field Update

    The run on guns is alive and well. Visited four retailers today looking for

    Glocks - NONE. Gun case is practically empty. ONly stock items were berettas. All stores same story. Clerk said whatever comes in vanishes immediately.

    XD - same as above.

    M&P - same as above.

    Folks, I have never seen the shelves this bare. Gun companies are in full tilt right now and will not catch up for many quarters.

    No 9mm, 22 LR, 40 S&W, 38, 32, 44. NO PISTOL AMMO AT ALL AT ANY STORES VISITED.
    The last 22 LR that was available at one store went for $5 for a 50 ct box of low end Remington.

    This tells me one thing. Gun makers are selling through everything they make AND Debney's 4Q forecast was very likely low. I doubt he would put numbers out there that had a CHANCE of missing - so he understated his projection for 4Q for sure. RGR and SWHC both being set up for another run.

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    • sad fact is that it isn't going to get any better, any time soon...

    • Stores I frequent....just went to one yesterday had AK's and Ar's now in stock, though AK (basic with furniture grade wood) price was $400 more than what I usually pay. AR was still pricey too, but stock is coming back and prices are starting to come back down. The pistols were pretty much wiped out, except for higher end stuff like Kimbers and above. That can be indicative of people feeling the need to buy something after walking into store thinking they were going to come out with a tactical weapon, but got sticker shock nd bought cheaper pistols.

      Ammo is a whole other story. In competition with deep pocket DHS. SWHC NEEDS to produce AMMO....YESTERDAY!!!!....people make ammo at their own house, yet SWHC is sitting on their hands and doing nothing while other companies are Cashing $$$ in big time on this. Even in slow times ammo is a money maker.

      I still say SWHC should start from scratch and produce American made rifles that they are lacking. Doesn't take much to actually make a rifle from scratch, especially if you've been in the business for 158 yrs.
      Glock was made by someone with no gun experience, but he did have plastic injection molding background. Company now is a giant compared to S&W, and this in 30 short years. Look at Troy Industries, a well known maker of rifle accesories. They have just come out with 2 new rifles that will just knock your socks off. The styling is unbelievable on the Individual Carbine. Makes me drool. Nothing from any of the big boys come close to this evil beast.

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      • SWHC does not need to re-invent the rifle business. You have said it yourself, They do need to be in hunting rifles. With the purchase of Remington or Marlin, they will have hunting rifles, and they will also eliminate a competitor in the process. It only follows that they buy one or more existing hunting rifle companies. You should know it is very difficult to get a brand established in the face of time honored brands. Glock took forever, it was a longshot. They are vulnerable because their line is so monochrome. Glock might even be in the hunt for Freedom Assets and would be poised to take out Bushmaster.

    • Same here-no Rugers, no S&W, just junk brands like Kahr. And almost zero used guns. Don't even ask about ammo.

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