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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Jun 15, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    Wal Mart has AR's back in stock. Prices are Collapsing Fast!

    Friend went to buy some ammo. Found 223 in stock. Texted me and then sent me pic of 2 Windham Weaponry AR's. One was priced at $827.00, the other at $977.
    Like I have said many imes before: "Gun Bubble Done Popped!"

    before all you haters and disbelievers start all the dissing, Windham was started by the same gunsmiths that manufactured the original Bushmaster brand before Freedom bought them out and closed down the plant and moved it. Original workers then started Windham Weaponry. These AR's are fairly good quality for entry level AR's.

    Also got an email from buds today; They have the Armalitel AR back in stock and price is $856. Prices have just collapsed. Think about that. All bubbles have to pop when they reach a certain altitude. Gun bubble is falling to earth. Inventories will be built back up and channels will be stuffed pre-scare within 2-3 Quarters. Then massive discounting will begin.

    Armalite Law Enforcement 223 Rem. M4 Carbine/No Carry Handle $856.

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    • A lot of the recent first time buyers are becoming multi gun owners

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      • You could also say people that have been buyers past 5 yrs. Or so are out of the market now as ammo is taking their discretionary cash. It will all equal out in the end with normal sales and rebates and discounting as before.
        Bottom line there will be decreasingvsales and lower revenue and earnings. Swhc does not have the manufacturing capacity to right now grab market share and that has the greater implications for the future and that's all the Steet cares about. SWHC wiill give good fwd guidaince for next Q but after that it will be guarded.
        Still have Secondary sitting outvthere waiting for Freedom to unliad too.

    • Prices aren't collapsing, they're beginning to normalize towards their previous pricing which is still very very profitable. When the market settles a little after a rally to you think the entire market is collapsing?

    • datbehardo you must be livid the price is upto 10...

    • grab a gun has AR's too.
      Just got an email from them with plenty of pistols, rifes and 30rd. mags in stock.
      Bushmaster AR is sub $850.00
      Peak-Gun baby:)

      Bushmaster O.R.C. 223 16 inch M4 30rd
      We got some Bushmaster Optics Ready Carbine's In Stock. Check out this Semi-automatic AR 223 Rem 16" Black with a 6 Position Collapsible Stock 1/2" Risers, Picatinny Gas Block and 30Rd Magazines. This is Bushmaster model 90391. $832.24 , and remember, we never charge credit card fees and Firearms ship for just $5.99!

    • I'm going to post this reply right here. I want others to notice the replies immediately below.

      datbehardwork = equity_360. They are one in the same. He admits it below. I am not real interested in entering into discussions with folks that are known to use multiple alias's. Doing that on anonymous message boards makes no sense and proves that person to be manipulative and dishonest.

      My original response below stands. Your follow up question (from your alias account) makes no sense. My post still stands. I'm done with you and any alias that I know you have.

      So be more careful in the future not to out yourself again.

    • For poops and giggles...let's say you are somewhat right. (though I disagree to what extent) It is very apparent the gun stocks are priced with all of this bubble talk very much in mind. If not, the stocks would be much higher. SWHC is trading at 8 times earnings!! Do you understand what it would be trading at if folks did not think gun sales would eventually subside??

    • The only guns in short supply around here are the older and better made revolvers in 357, 44 mag or anything Colt da.

    • I see equity_360 pulling up old post regarding Secondary which hasn't been priced yet.
      That is still coming.
      Perhaps all my prior post have deterred mgmt. from actually being as crooked as they had planned to be? Hmmmmmm?????

      Anyone else catch that the refinancing of $43 million debt up to $75 million nets them only $25 in cash, they actually spent $7 million doing a deal that increased debt to $75 while cashing out only $25.
      No explanation of where that $7 million went.
      Any guesses??
      Better yet, why doesn't mgmt. tell us how they came up with those exact figures?

    • Why are guns and ammo in stock a bad thing for business? Nobody but gun grabbers wins if we can't buy anything. We should want there to be stock on the shelves.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • When there is a tidal wave, that wave will have to recede. This is like that, only in slower motion. Doesn't mean sales are going to go back to 2011 levels, or even 2012 levels, YoY. Look at what happened when Obama was first elected in 2008. There was a huge surge in 2009, and in 2010 there was an inevitable slump relative to 2009, but sales did not go back to 2008 levels. It is very clear if you look at the NSSF bar charts for Adj. NICs for each calendar month. Some near term future sales were pulled forward creating a bit of a temporary vacuum. After that phase was over, the growth trend continued on its merry way.

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      • That was because Obama was still in office. Many extreme Conservatives kept masses scared by continuously linking Obama to closing off their access to firearms, correctly I may add, but people can (did) only purchase so many firearms; again, not even a durable good, but heirlooms.

        I think there were so many firearms purchased over the past 8 months to fill a 2 year future demand. I'm a gun lover myself, but am now firmly sitting on the sidelines as I would have to buy another safe (and I have a BIG safe) if I added more firearms. I am sure many more people are in the same position. Many neighbors have asked me about purchasing guns a couple months ago. I told them to wait as nothing was really available for decent prices. Now at neighborhood parties, gun purchases never even come up anymore. We are a society that has instant access to news and the gun scare has been off the front pages for a while now. People have forgotten and moved on.

        On top of that you have many people who overpaid the past 8 months for EVERYTHING. If you take the housing bubble as an example, investors, flippers and homeowners won't go out for quite a while to repurchase more inventory, even at lower prices. Housing bubble actually popped in 2008; five years later prices are just now stabilizing (artificially because FED has allowed banks to carry Inventory at cost instead of market value, thus banks are not foreclosing like they should).
        Same thing will happen with firearms. A Pendulum swings from one extreme to another. Firearms sales went to the extreme, now it is time for the Pendulum to start its downward arc. This is the beginning of the end.
        Of course all the above is recluded on no more mass murders and new (serious) gun control reforms.
        For now, even the Liberals know they lost this battle to take away our Liberties.

      • I saw an article in the paper yesterday that the Democrats are trying to revive the gun debate. My first thought was: "Yes, Please!"

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