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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Jul 13, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    SWHC paid $41.66 a share for the last 2 buybacks worth $35Million of shareholder's equity.

    Amount of shares outstanding (From SWHC Annual Report, April 2013):
    April 2012: 65,057,000
    April 2013: 64,217,000
    Difference:…..840,000 (less) shares outstanding.

    SWHC spent $35 Million in the past year buying back stock. There is now 840,000 shares less. Let’s work out the math and see what all that money cost per share?

    $35,000,000/840,000 = $41.66 a share.

    p.s. And NOTHING about any Liability claims or people injured from their rifles, like a normal and honest (Freedom Grp.) company would disclose.

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    • This is the best you can do after all your "noise" and losing to much of your money on a bad "call" ? Do I sense frustration on your part ?

    • You seriously suck. You have proven to be full of worthless information ... i thought this stock was going down from $7, then $8, then $9, Then $10... is it going down from $11... oh no its actually up another .23...

    • Above is why SWHC is a Ponzi scheme, while RGR is more of an "investment"
      $41.66 share to call in the REAL amount of shares, not the pretend #'s.

    • Legit observation. I'm not thrilled with managements option awards or with the fact that they are not paying dividends at the moment, however all ratios are screaming buy right now. Buybacks are pointless if they continue to issue the awards. Since the beginning of 2013, I recall Debney getting close to $1 million in awards. That's pretty extreme IMO. I do feel he deserves a nice bonus for his efforts, but it shouldn't exceed his salary. Unless you are upper level management for Freedom Group, you have no idea how "honest" they are or any clue as to the number of liability claims they contend with. With Smith's current ratios and ultra conservative growth forecast for the next year, I'll continue to buy. And It would be nice to see some of the Royal treasure thrown to the peasants.

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      • Always said SWHC was a buy if it broke 200 and 50dma support which it did, now it would be good to see a retest of that suprt and to bounce off it to show real long term strength.
        The Tender, mixed in with the buyback and 1/2 dozen other slips of hand don't instill confidence in me, so I'm out. I believe in awarding mgmt. that did something outstanding during a year, certainly not a every Q. Freedom Group's Q. report showed just over $2 million in Options, while SWHC is $18 million. How can that be when SWHC is a small cap stock.
        "Unless you are upper level management for Freedom Group, you have no idea how "honest" they are or any clue as to the number of liability claims they contend with."

        From Freedom Group Q. Report: (56 DOCUMENTED CASES)

        ""As a result of contractual arrangements, we manage the joint defense of product liability litigation involving Remington brand firearms and our ammunition products for both Remington and DuPont and its affiliates. As of 09/30/12, approximately 56 individual bodily injury cases and claims were pending relating to firearms and our ammunitions products, primarily alleging defective product design, defective manufacture and/or failure to provide adequate warnings. Some of these cases seek punitive as well as compensatory damages. We have previously disposed of a number of other cases involving post-Asset Purchase occurrences involving Remington brand firearms and our ammunition products by settlement. The 56 pending cases and claims involve pre- and post-Asset Purchase occurrences for which we or DuPont bear responsibility under the Purchase Agreement. In addition, we have three class action cases pending relating to breach of warranty claims concerning certain of our firearms products where economic damages are being claimed.""
        From SWHC Q. and Ann. Rpt.:
        "We are involved in certain litigations, the scope and details we will not mention here or in any related SEC filings even under exhibits listed (though not attahed )thereto.

    • Datbe dumb equity_360 can't quite stretch that pea brain around this one.
      Cundrum for the dumb (equity_360).

    • THIS, Right here, is why I hate these skumbags!! 2 short months, while buyback is going on shares increased by 151,037.
      Guess I am only one who is old enough to care about managment's Integrity.

      From SWHC 10k
      As of June 21, 2013, there were outstanding 64,368,037 shares of the registrant’s Common Stock, par value $.001 per share

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      • 1,632,687 shares were given to Insiders that ARE STILL HELD.
        Current worth = $17,979,557
        If SWHC used the WHOLE $25 million just to buy back these shares from these ROYAL INSIDERS, they would have just a little over $7 million left to actually do buy back for good of the shareholder.
        Pretty soon the buyback money won't even cover the outstanding shares given to the highnesses....almost like the US printing money to pay the Interest on the debt.
        Just a Ponzi scheme.
        Saltz still holds the most at: 288,271 common shares; Golden at 288,271 and Debney at 266, 318.

        The things you can discover on a overcast, windy day. lol

      • Also,
        This is the first I have heard of this (and no, it is not about the FBI sting). Maybe it's about the Pump and dump from $22 to $10 or related to the illegal 500,000 Option award that SWHC gave out against their own By-Laws of maximium 300,000.
        Any guesses?......and really....why should we have to guess at all this stuff?

        From latest 10K
        In fiscal 2011, we received a subpoena from the staff of the SEC giving notice that the SEC is conducting a non-public, fact-finding inquiry to determine whether there have been any violations of the federal securities laws. It appears this civil inquiry was triggered in part by the DOJ investigation into potential FCPA violations. Although we are cooperating fully with the SEC in this matter, the SEC may determine that we have violated federal securities laws.
        We cannot predict when this inquiry will be completed or its outcome. If the SEC determines that we have violated federal securities laws, we may face injunctive relief, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, and sanctions, including fines and penalties, or may be forced to take corrective actions that could increase our costs or otherwise adversely affect our business, results of operations, and liquidity. We also face increased legal expenses and could see an increase in the cost of doing business. We could also see private civil litigation arising as a result of the outcome of this inquiry. In addition, responding to the inquiry may divert the time and attention of our management from normal business operations. Regardless of the outcome of the inquiry, the publicity surrounding the inquiry and the potential risks associated with the inquiry could negatively impact the perception of our company by investors, customers, and others.

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