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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Jul 18, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    Equity_360, captainwho and all you other computer illiterates

    who for some unknown reason think that freedom doesn't publish information.
    These guys are not like SWHC, where they only give you the rosy picture and don't discuss injuries from their firearms (Like Freedom does); they go into much more depth than publicly traded SWHC.
    Difference between a Titan and a Ponzi scheme.
    search for freedom group.
    Go to Home page.
    Look at bottom right.
    Find Investor Information
    See multiple links and search bar for Q and A reports.
    Sheeesh, you guys cease to amaze me.

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    • equity_360 still too ashamed to post on this thread.

    • FOUR simple computer clicks and you can get a Q or A Freedom Report.

      SWHC Yahoo Board Posters fooled by equity_360 (and about 10 of her aliases) and aided and abetted by capnwho2 for the past Month.

      Shame on all of you for not questioning these two posters on this.

    • equity_360 is MIA.

    • Insiders Saltz and Scott sold 12 Million shares in just 2 days. Just incredible amounts.
      Look at site I listed on other post.

    • Not the point datbdumb. The SEC does not require them to report anything and consequently anything they publish may be less credible. However, I am taking your word for the Sales figure and have not researched any further on that. Maybe I will when time allows.

      Continue to twist and turn, you're just making yourself less credible if you won't fess up to your error and subsequent misdirection. I won't believe anything you say from now on and I doubt anyone else will.

      • 2 Replies to captainwho2
      • PS: OK to make you happy I looked it up and I see that they are reporting on a March 31 ending quarter, while SWHC reports on an April 30 ending quarter, so your superior sales claim for Freedom is completely shot out of the water. If it makes you happy I did verify that they are saying +55.7% sales growth for that SUPER SURGE quarter.


      • Twist and Turn?
        I let equity_360 post on and on about Freedom being private and they don't file any reports and you jumped in numerous times to support that falsehood and dis me at the same time, yet you now claim you and others won't believe anything I say?...are you for REAL? I easily just now proved you both out and out liars and schmucks after I let you guys ramble on for a month about Freedom and their lack of any filings, just to show how you can fool all of the people some of the time.
        Not ONE other person took the time to even search for this info as I suspected would be the case. Retail investors are schmucks and that is why I do so well betting against the herd mentality found on these boards.

        If people, such as equity and you are just too plain stupid to find the EASILY obtained information I provided then you don't deserve to believe me.

        Again, you still haven't answered me as to why SWHC has made no mention of "personal injuries" regarding Thompson Center complete and massive recall for personal safety issues in the quality of the rifles they put out.
        Freedom group (Now don't hold me to exact number) stated they had 56 (?) lawsuits regarding personal injuries.
        Can you imagine the number SWHC has with their rifles shooting when the safety was ON!!!!

        Of course SWHC Ponzi managers won't reveal this number or even talk about it, because it could be massive.

        So for the fifth time: "Why do you think they don't even mention personal liability claims", especially considering the Massive safety recall on the Thompsons?

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