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  • dprofiteer dprofiteer Jul 21, 2013 10:45 AM Flag


    There he is again - reading "yesterdays newspaper" from 2007. YAWN.

    However in the near term; 91 month) he and his short buddies have lost about $35 to $40 MILLION.

    Dat be GOOD?????? ;-) He is always good for a joke. Their RANTINGS are a sign of the FEAR they have. Offering ends in 2 days, and will be greatly undersubscribed. Company will have maybe $75 million to AGGRESSIVELY buy in the open market.

    I smell $15 to $16 and DATbeDUMB does also! ouch! ;-)))

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    • dprofieer. I read some recent posts there seems to be a few posters that are not offering a rational response for an investor. I think an investor would cheer the tender on while not tendering in this situation as $11 dollars seems cheap, but if others wish to do it, fine. A good way for SW to get shares out of the market and provide a nice return to shareowners. The short position is comical and will be put in rather bad stead if this tender takes place for 6.9 milllion shares.

      The major holders are going to hold out for more in my opinion. If I were the Blackrock or Vanguard, I would be forcing them to up the tender or consider an outright sale of the company. That is all. I need to respond to the other fellow who answered in some manner - he seems off the mark with his confused objectives.

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      • Tom,

        YIOU are correct. My summation is that as long as the company can generate HUGE cash flow, the shorts are really screwed.

        Management is incentivized primarily through OPTIONS. So they make their "elephant" (big dollars) when the price goes up.

        The best way to make the price go up (after pure operation and sales efficiencies) is to cause shorts to hurt.

        The CEO has been more than a couple of steps ahead of them. He has within the last month moved the floor from under $9 to $11 / share. He did this without using much of his cash. ALSO any shares bought reduce shares outstanding which means increased cash flow going forward! (about $35 million/ qtr!)

        The shorts got to far in front of their ski's. Now I cannot see how they can cover without BIG losses.

        The FUTURE?
        - RGR announces soon - upside
        - Tender ends - upside
        - SWHC announces - upside
        - ERTC

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