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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Aug 23, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    Anyone been playing the Precious Metal trade since I mentioned it few weeks ago?

    It's been precious:)

    oh, and mardermj, you earlier claimed you had been posting on SLW board for 15 years.....Had to laugh at that one, because I owned that stock at the very beginning and it wasn't even close to 15 years ago.
    (INSIDERS) Telfer and friends were the BIG winners on that one, just like swhc.

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    • I have been in and out of HL the last few weeks...daily ! In fact I got my Brother into a trade late this past week and we both made out very well. Now he is hooked on it. From my day trades I have been able to buy more physical, so things are "stacking up" (pardon the pun). Actually having lots of fun with it !!!

      By the way, thanks for the lead on Gainesville from a few years ago...has worked out very well. Just too bad I disagree with you about !!!

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      • You're welcome regarding Gainesville. Never had a problem getting product from them.
        As far as HL; glad you can make some money trading it. I have trades over a decade ago around the same price as it is now. It is one of those companies like SWHC that seems to never really advance, yet Insiders always get huge sums of cash and options.

        Both companies (HL and SWHC) are as old as dirt and still penny-ante small caps. There is a reason for this. One word: Management.

        Much better silver plays out there. You could have picked up EXK for $3 just less than a month ago, now trading over $5.00. Reminded me of SWHC trading in the $3's. I traded in and out of that and also bought Jan Calls, as Sept.-Dec. can be good times for miners. Bought small amount of DUST to hedge my bet; lost $4,000.00 on that so far, but made fifteeen times that on my long trades and Calls, so I cannot complain about leaving $4 grand on the table.

    • Sorry, time slips by, it's about 10 years, I don't keep track. Yes I have played silver. Got out of SLW at just under $30, been reviewing the bidding, which is making a bet that QE will not end. Here's a hint: NOBODY bought our bonds in May, the Chinese quit, and the Japanese quit, because of low returns in a dollar crushing environment. Do you think QE will continue? Or is this a gamble instead of an "investment" that is destined to roll over when quantification of tapering is announced end of Sep?

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