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  • rcorriv2001 rcorriv2001 Dec 11, 2013 4:26 PM Flag


    "THE ANALYSIS: KeyBanc analyst Scott Hamann backed his "Underweight" rating for the stock. He noted that in light of the better-than-expected quarterly results, the unchanged full-year outlook implies lowered expectations for the second half of the fiscal year.

    Hamann said that's not surprising given that industry conditions continue to get tougher, with demand for guns continuing to weaken. "

    Bwaaaaaaaaa. Can he look any more like a fool?

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    • I guess if he keeps reiterating his position for the next five years, on chance alone, he may be right someday.
      I also think he has a great future as a weatherman, they don't have to be right either.
      That they actually pay for this drivel is amazing to me, the rest of us have to earn our money.

    • Not only did he not ask a single question in the CC but he didn't even listen to it or read the transcript? This loser is incompetent or politically biased.

      equity :-)
      Oh! what a tangled web we weave
      When first we practice to deceive!
      -Walter Scott (1808)

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      • There must be some explanation for this guy's incompetence. His employer must be holding a gun to his head (no pun intended). If the guy has an inner circle of knowledgeable friends, wouldn't you, as a friend, let him know that he is full of #$%$? Maybe, only then, would he come clean and say he was forced to manufacture these lies, just to keep his job?

    • You are kidding, RIGHT?? What a fool he is. "When at first we do deceive, what a web of lies we weave"
      I think the ZACKS commentary i pretty fair on swhc.

      Hamman is out to deny his clientelle another leg up, unless the fudggepakker is short, of course.

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