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  • dontbetheball dontbetheball Jan 10, 2014 10:47 PM Flag

    I would sue my pension fund

    If I belonged to the public pension funds who dumped the gun stocks, I would sue them for negligence. And if my city or state pension fund dumped the stocks, their boards should be fired or voted out next election. Colorado was just the start of the blowback.

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    • Who cares cheap $9 or so stock for the faithful.

    • No No No No No. Be real. You cannot sue anybody for dumping stocks from a pension fund. They can choose that direction. The fund owners have to fight that. If they don't, or didn't, which they DIDNT, doesn't allow them to decide to sue over a year later. Get real.

      Hind sight is always 20/20. The pension funds decided to get out of gun stocks. They drove public gun companies stock prices to depressive levels and gambled that they would drive them out of business. THEY DIDNT. Now that prices are becoming closer (still a long ways off to the right P/E) to a correct level, doesn't mean those who lost or bet wrong on the market of SWHC, would get to sue anybody. They chose their position, allowed it and cannot now throw dirt. You sound like a liberal who thinks that any position can be sued for the future of any position anyone could have when it didn't go their way. You cant be sued when something doesn't go your way. I have a problem with sue happy people who have nothing but hind sight. What would your position be if the public pension funds actually succeeded in putting RGR and SWHC out of business? Who would you sue then? To reply to " if I belonged to the public pension funds who dumped the gun stocks" and they drove a legitimate business out of business for social reasons...who could I sue then? I don't like liberal sue happy people who cower under a false impression.

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      • I'm sorry everyone but I'm tired of the positions of people who keep thinking someone should be sued because their positions going wrong. Many try to cower under a public fund and think it's Medicare. I am very grateful for my 10K position in SWHC. Folks, I invested $54000 in 10K shares. I then watched it go down to less than $18K. Damn you Golden. You piece of #$%$.

        We are making money and get over it Hamman because we are going much higher.

    • Agree. They have a fiduciary responsibility. Not what they deem as social or politically correct. Most of them are underwater and it's no wonder.

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