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  • mince38 mince38 Mar 13, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    Who is Global Digital and why should we care?

    I love SWHC as well as RGR. The problem is, who besides us retail people in the USA buy their products? Answer these:

    1-Does RGR and Smith make ammo and whom do they sell to?
    2-Do either ruger or smith have any military or govt contracts? THIS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT FOR EARNINGS THAN RETAIL GUN SHOPS.

    3-Do either of them sell internationally? and to whom?

    4-Global Digital inc. sells both ammo and handguns and grenade launchers, the new optical guns that aim for you, etc, and all the goodies in auto weapons the military needs. Problem...they are private. We cant buy stock! &%^%#$ the question now remains...............

    5-Will they eventually cut into rgr and smith's biz ? What brand does this co. mfgr ammo and weapons under?

    6-Isnt it time for smith and rgr ot merge so they can give a beating to glock and all the other private handgun makers we have to contend with.

    7-AND WHY just like any other brand of merchandise in a supermarket or in a high end clothes shop....why does smith and ruger bnot have generic weapons AND ammo at like half price for thiose of us who just want to shoot a damn gun and have a nice selection at home and arent worried about 'designer jeans?

    To me its a shame that in this country a man cant own a small .380 for CC, a 357 revolver and 9mm for home or car and a plain shotgun for home protection for under $1000. You cant even buy a ruger 357 for less than $700 and that was 3 yrs ago! We just eat it and accept it as normal. And why should we pay $600 for a plastic gun like glock makes? Is the name "polymer" so sweet sounding we just have to have it?

    I just like yu guys saw the lines in my local south florida gun shop/shooting range and everyone was buying ruger and Smith. But if this is as far as the stock of both has gone now that we no longer have worries about Obama doing crazy stuff...what will propel the stock to greater heights?

    BOTTOM LIONE IS...WHO IS SWHC and RGR selling to to make all their money? Just retailers?

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    • Global Digital is a Penny Stock Shell, and we should not care. End of story.

    • Just some info re GDSI:

      "Former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll joined Palm Beach-based Global Digital Solutions as a senior adviser.

      Carroll was asked to resign by Gov. Rick Scott in March amid a criminal probe into the alleged illegal gambling and racketeering of Allied Veterans of the World. She was a consultant for Allied while in the Florida House of Representatives in 2009 and 2010.

      Global Digital Solutions (Pink Sheets: GDSI) describes itself as “providing knowledge-based and culturally attuned social consulting and security-related solutions.” The company hasn’t filed financial statements in over a year.

      The company has a pending merger with Airtronic USA. Once that is done, Carroll would become president and COO of Airtronic, an electrical engineering design and manufacturing company that works with the U.S. Department of Defense. Based in Illinois, Airtronic filed for Chapter 7 in bankruptcy court in March 2012."

      Their agenda......."culturally attuned social consulting"......? Wanting to buy a firearms mfgr and then push their "smart gun" BS? I don't think the GDSI offer is going anywhere. And if it did, I'd never buy another Remington product again.

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    • Where do I start with this. So many holes to shoot. So I will just post this.
      " Problem...they are private. We cant buy stock! &%^%#$ the question now remains"

      GDSI on OTCQB

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