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  • libertee4all libertee4all May 9, 2014 7:27 AM Flag

    The real threat against the 2nd amendment...,

    I case you believe Hillary hasn't decided yet about running in'16, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn you may be interest in. Obama may have been the gun industry's best salesman, she won't be. He still has 2 1/2 years of court appointments to make of Federal and Supreme Court judges and there are lots of judges that will be replaced with ones likely not to be resolved to preserve the founders definition of the 2nd amendment. Should Hillary win in '16, with the prospect of another 8 years of leftist court appointments, God help us on a number of fronts regarding our liberties in this country but a virtual neutering of the 2nd amendment would be high on their list if not #1....don't expect her to run a middle of the road campaign on the gun issue. Oh she'll say she's not after your hunting guns, which means you may be able to keep your over under 12 ga and bolt action 30-06 in your gun cabinet after her coronation, but many guns commonly owned today, including all handguns will be going down the road remelted in the form of GMC and Ford truck bumpers. The socialists have become emboldened. With thd help of deep pocket leberals like Bloomberg, disguised as a Republican, they are going after guns and if she becomes president, WE HAVENT SEEN ANYTHING YET.... I just pray that the Benghazi coverup brings her down along with the Obama administration. SWHCs long term health as a viable business depends on it IMHO.... The NRA-ILA has a campaign going right now to raise funds. They'll send you a cool camo gear bag for a modest contribution. Think of it as an "investment" to protect your "investment" in SWHC....I know this post will anger certain recent contributors to this site. So be it. I am amazed that the same liberals that once fought for freedom of speach are now in favor of boycotting any statements that don't fit their narrative. They slap some racist or other "not PC" label on it. The greatest offender of that practice is Obama himself.

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    • mcvjmicvuhihui123e7837 mcvjmicvuhihui123e7837 May 10, 2014 12:49 AM Flag

      BINGO . . . Excellent breakdown of the situation that is about to unfold. Nothing will amount from the Benghazi affair. Get use to her for the next 8 years, followed by Chelsea after that.

    • I'm glad to see that you're making some progress, and at least you becoming aware that you're making long, mostly off-topic, political rants

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      • Whatever I'm doing it's still protected by the 1st amendment, although interestingly enough, that which was once a sacred principle of the liberal platform, is now trash canned if it doesn't comply with your own narrow minded beliefs. What irks me the most is the attitude that progressives have a monopoly on intellect and conservatives are a bunch of bible thumping gun toting hillbillies. Just because 99% of university professors/instructors are liberals doesn't mean you are on the right side of the argument . I'm not the one who came up with the saying, "If you can't do, teach". If teachers were so good at their jobs our educations system wouldn't have become a third world disaster and tenure wouldn't be necessary. The biggest hoax in the country is that teacher unions are concerned about the well being of their students. So you have established that you don't think much about the sanctity of the 1st or 2nd amendments. Are there any others you think we could do without? Maybe the 22nd? I don't mind being labeled as a zealot of protecting our constitution. What is it again that you stand for?

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