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  • coolio888 coolio888 Apr 9, 1998 9:12 PM Flag

    Gold turn to stones

    Just a reminder watch out Goldman sache pull out from LEH.

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    • and keep your bullshit marketing off this board.

    • as the second largest economy
      at when
      I simply bought in at market
      because it was still steadily moving
      up and setting
      any limit order,
      hoping thatit might drop down a
      just for you and me

    • I think your assessment is on target, but the
      question is, what would be the value of a buyout? Only a
      few months ago, the talk was that LEH was potentially
      to be acquired in the $50s range. Have things
      changed in the last couple of months to support a
      purchase price by an acquirer (cash or stock) of $70
      (current price) or $85 (recent high)? Do the fundamentals
      support a price at these levels if no buyout were to
      occur? Interested in your thoughts about a target price.


    • Lehman does not have the critical mass to have
      "long-term viability" as an independent entity. What it does
      offer is an opportunity for someone to enter into the
      lucrative US securities market if they purchase Lehman.
      This could be someone in the US like
      Chase,Nationsbank, BankOne, etc. or it could be an international
      organization like UBS, HSBC, ABN-AMRO etc.

      There will
      be more global consolidation in the financial sector
      in the next few years and Lehman is on everyone's
      buy list. Let's hope that whoever buys this company
      offers us an attractive stock in return. Something that
      will have the "long-term viability" to make us all

      Personally I would like to see them merge with someone
      within the industry like AG Edwards or Paine Webber and
      then sell out to Chase or NationsBank. I think this
      would give us all the best results.

    • I'm fortunate to say that I got into this when it became public, at around $15/share. I have to say I'm tempted to take my
      profits, particularly given recent action and because this now seems to be a stock that everyone loves to hate. And I don't want to
      be greedy, as you have pointed out. However, I really HATE to sell-- I watched my father become rich through buy-and--hold over
      a 30 year period, by buying good quality companies that rose and split, rose and split, over and over agin. I wonder what your
      thoughts are about LEH's very long term viability. Thanks


    • Looks like a good intra-day "pop"...should hold with favorable numbers coming out this AM concerning the "Fed Watch" on the inflation front...this should calm fears of a rumored Fed
      preemptive strike on interest rates....bought last April @$ it for the long haul!

    • such a strong run over the past few weeks that it is not surprising to me that some investors may be taking profits off the addition during the past few days the brokerage sector has been hit by I think the Fed's comment about interest rates and the that they are no longer neutral. With the brokerage and financial sectors continuing to consolidate I'm still hopeful there will be an aquisition in the near future. Good luck.

    • Like you, I've been around for a long time, and I have to say that the returns thus far have certainly exceeded my initial expectations. If you're still around, I'm curious as to your, or any other long-time investors', take on recent price action. So far, this fits within the parameters of a normal correction. Right?


    • Fools Rush In...
      Who's Sorry Now?
      I'm Sorry, So Sorry
      (Signed) MrsPortFOOLio! :-(

    • I just added to my holdings, bought more at $70 1/2.

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