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  • top15pms top15pms Oct 3, 2008 11:10 AM Flag

    BUCKLE UP, BOYS & GIRLS ! Sumpthins Up

    Abnormal large buy blocks are being traded. Don't see this kind of trading very often with Bovie. Could be an exciting announcement next week if it's too late for today.
    A Buy-out??? Shhheeeeezz! There I go,... day dreamin again.
    What ever is going on,.... it sure makes my portfolio look good.

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    • Couldn't respect you if you weren't skeptical.
      So please contact I.R. or Makrides and confirm the hiring of the new VP sales.
      Specifically the glowing experience with Giants like Smith & Nephew, Dionics, LimboTech and Gyrus.

    • Let's see, you talked to IR last week. Let me guess, you just spoke to BOD for BVX? You get some privy info dude.

    • Man that short position is gonna hurt!
      Hopefully there will be a run up opportunity for the shorts to exit. If not there will be a lot of blood.While i am extremely confident that a buyout is imminent,i hold no resentment to the shorts and their right to exercise the privilege and most certainly hope they get a chance to exit without too much damage.This stock has held up better than 90% of the market, that must be a concern for the shorts!

      This stock is so thin, i have no idea how all those shorts will be able to exit.

      May their G-D bless them.

    • surprise surprise...more shorts. 154K.

    • Yup! Something's up these days. Look at the volume. Sure hope we get to the denouement soon.

    • 'he left me the impression'

      SURE he did.

      Keep on smoking whatever it is you're smoking ~~~~

    • better than the National Enquirer. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Spoke to IR last week, he left me the impression that JNJ will be buying this company this weekend. Announcement Friday apparently before some Surgical convention this weekend. Check with IR before the denial campaign starts.
      According to IR JNJ has over 1000 salesmen on the team.

      Only one day left to trade anyways so it doesn't much matter.

      No more mondays.....YeeeHAAAA! or YaHOO!

    • yep...something's defintitely up and ain't the stock market. Three words: Global credit catastrophe. Saw something the other night on the idiot box pertaining to subprime loans. $3 trillion worth of Sub-prime loans were taken out during 2005 and 2007. Of those loans, 33% are going to be bad(how they determined that, I'm not sure) that equates to at least another trillion dollar loss, but that doesn't include other losses associated with this mess. How in the world do you fix something like that? Continuing to print money is not the answer. Man! THIS IS A SERIOUS MESS WE'RE IN!! It's funny how all this crap goes down RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION.

    • September 29, 2008

      Re: Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement

      Dear Stockholder:

      On behalf of your Board of Directors and Management, you are cordially invited to attend the Annual Meeting of Common Stockholders to be held on November 6, 2008 at 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time at the Holiday Inn, 215 Sunnyside Blvd, Plainview, New York, 11803 (Exit 46 off the Long Island Expressway

      nice change today...BOVIE does not move with the market, so I'll agree with you TOP..someone caught wind of something...

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      • Kinda makes you wonder what next week will bring.
        I still think that Bovie is ripe for buy-out but I always try to keep that thought classified with my day dreams. It keeps the dissapointments at bay. Aside from that,.... a stellar Q report could send us soaring..... if, the market doesn't scare the hell out of us common Joe six packs and soccer moms.
        Gonna be a long weekend.
        Have a good one.

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