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  • dragan7777777777 dragan7777777777 Apr 13, 2009 6:50 PM Flag

    1 + 2 = 3........

    Bovie time is coming.....

    One. I was told "investors should be patient, pretty soon some news will be coming out, and they will be happy".....

    Two. Today announcement...... Bovie Medical Corporation Appoints David Uffer as Vice President of Advanced Technologies and Director of Plasma Sales and Marketing!

    Three. OK, let me guess: 1 + 2 = 3......J is around the corner, and we are ready for marketing, sales, and partnership....First price target 10-12 dollars.....Do not let MM fool you, and steal your shares...

    Good luck all longs

    PS: yes, I am pumping, and I am loading up...

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    • Stringbas,

      It was very easy for me to "fall in love" with J-plasma. I work in OR ( anesthesia ), and 50% of my time is around gyne laser surgery. We use CO2 laser....

      J-plasma ( "cold laser" ) is great product. Again, and again: more precision, less tissue damage, faster healing, and now plus cheaper. No competition, Bovie own all patent rights. "Monster" proposal....

      At first J was a great dream, revolutionary technology, but no real product on horizon. I made some money in 2004-05, then Bovie stock went sideways for yrs, and I got out, but kept very close eye patiently waiting to get back at the right moment. That moment has come when BVX submitted 510 ( k )....This is not dream anymore.

      Good luck


      PS: "fall in love" is a figure of speech, remember never ever fall in love with any stock....

    • Thanks for the response dragan. I really appreciate your presence on this board.

    • Dragan,

      This is my first time replying to this (or any) messane board. I have been very impressed by your comments on bvx. I found out about the stock through IA news letter and have been following since 2006. I am a beginning investor (since 2005) and I have decided to concentrate bvx also. Anyway, I look forward to your continued commentary and thanks for posting.


      P.S.What made you concentrate on bvx so long ago? The j-Plasma (that would have been before the teleevision technology). I do remember you saying that you are in the medical industry...

    • Kagemushata,

      This is difficult question. Once FDA approval is out, near term price target will depend more from general market trend, investors sentiment, Street reaction, than from forward looking PE......

      Real numbers will depend from how soon they will start sales, and what is going to be the price for J. Again, I was told that J will be much cheaper than "any laser". That would be superb advantage: better technology, but cheaper. Plus, no competition. Sales might take off big time from the start. Will make all laser producers running for the cover......

      All said, Bovie's old time high, 10-12 range, is "my" first price target. Some other "well informed" investors " suggest the same first target. Partnership, and/or buyout would make completely new ball game....

      Good luck


    • Hey Jase,

      I am so glad to hear from you! Hope all is well. Send me "private" e-mail, if you are ready to come back. If not, take your time, the door is always open for you.....

      Yes, it was Bovie, but not IR ( John ). By luck, got my own "direct IR line"...


    • My dear friend Dragan,

      I see BVX did not take my suggestion and rename the surgical product of decade the D-plasma laser. Wouldn't it be great timing for this at the beginning of a bull market (or at least a bear market rally). Mondays 10% rally was not volume confirmed but certainly a good sign. I have absolutely no doubt you spoke to IR at BVX. Hope to speak to you soon!


    • Thanks Dragan.
      What's your target for BVX please, if you don't mind saying?

    • Hi BK79,

      Thanks to you, and Bob, for support. I am "following" Bovie, and J-plasma since 2004-05, and no intention to waste my time answering to bashers.....

      Just to clarify my comments. On April 2, I had a long chat over the phone with someone who is very close to the company, or call it "insider". All info given to me is a public knowledge, but all comments were made "off line", and I am certainly not going to quote any name, or disclose "my contact" on Yahoo message board.....

      "Listening between the lines", my impression is that Bovie is very "excited", optimistic, and looking forward. I was told : "...investors should be patient, some news will be coming soon...".

      I am day trader, swing trader ( made nice profit with DNDN in last two days ), but I have significant BVX long position, and I am still buying on "dips" till I get fully loaded. My long term strategy is concentration, not diversification, and at this point my only long position is Bovie....

      Sure, everyone is entitled to own opinion, everyone should have done own DD, and take any info on this, or any other message board, with a big grain of salt. I have done my DD, and I am Bovie big fan.

      Good luck to you, and all longs


    • Your post:

      "Dragon, Glad to see you've mastered 1st Grade math, I hope it wasn't too time consuming...
      P.S. Would you like fries with that order?"

      Hoisted by your own petard, eh genius? Enough with you. I know what you are. We all know what you are. You're a petty little man, a pimple, a nonentity, a fool.

      I am tired of wasting my time on you. You are on ignore.

    • Dragon,

      Glad to see you've mastered 1st Grade math, I hope it wasn't too time consuming.

      When you say "I was told "investors should be patient, pretty soon some news will be coming out, and they will be happy"."

      Who told you this? Your taxi driver, your co-worker at McDonalds, Investor Relations?
      Information is only as good as its source.

      P.S. Would you like fries with that order?

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