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  • dragan7777777777 dragan7777777777 Apr 21, 2009 1:11 PM Flag

    Dragan, I found this on FDA website, your med savvy. please comment.

    Hi Top, again....

    Just got e-mail answer from Peak:

    Hello Dr D.....,

    Thank you for your interest in PEAK Surgical. Our pulsed plasma technology is completely different from Bovie’s J-Plasma. We are a radiofrequency based technology that does not require any external supply of gas or conductive medium while J-Plasma appears to be laser (optics) based system that requires the present of helium gas.

    Best regards,



    Andre Bessette

    Vice President Marketing

    PEAK Surgical, Inc.

    2464 Embarcadero Way

    Palo Alto, CA 94303

    Direct: 650.331.3023

    Cell: 650.224.2821

    Fax: 650.331.3293


    From: dragan []
    Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 6:02 PM
    To: Business Development
    Subject: Peak v. J-plasma....

    Hallo Peak ,

    I am a physician, and an investor. Just came across your "pulsated" plasma products.

    I would appreciate, if you give me some info in comparison with Bovie's J-plasma. Are those two different plasma products? And, is there any possibility of patents infringement between Peak, and Bovie?


    Dr. D.......

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    • Yes. High five to Dr D. Thanks.

      Let's hope it's smooth sailing on the FDA front. I would think after all these years, Greg Konesky and Co have everything covered, but let's keep in mind this is break-thru tech.

      This is a very dated J-Plasma video (link) for those not seeing it:

      Apparently, the intensity can be adjusted up to burn a hole in one's hand (see video).

      Also, this copy was from one of the original articles on the technology. I don't even want to reveal the year. Too painful.

      MELVILLE -- It's like something straight from a Star Trek episode. A doctor aims a wand at a patient and a thin, focused beam of ionized gas -- similar to that of the sun -- sears away unhealthy tissue, leaving the healthy flesh virtually unscathed.

      Such are the prospects for J-plasma, a patented technology being developed by Melville-based Bovie Medical, a manufacturer of electro surgical devices.

      Potential uses for the unit, expected to start at around $xxx-I'd contact Bovie IR FOR CURRENT PRICE ESTIMATES), are for dermatological procedures, trauma surgery plastic surgery and Bovie's holy grail, cancer surgery.

      The most immediate, and noninvasive, use is in dermatology, and for that Bovie hopes to gain swift approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

      "It looks like a miniature version of a Star Wars light saber," says scientist Greg Konesky, lead researcher for Bovie, which is working in conjunction with the German firm Jump Agentur,...

    • Dragan,
      Your DD follow up regarding Peak Surgical is beyond commendable. It seems that Peak products should not be of any concern to BVX or investors.
      Now, all we have to do is wait for FDA "J system" approval announcement and hopefully "other" meaningful announcements there after.
      I was disappointed that I could not find any J Plasma info on FDA site. Pending or otherwise. It must have been wishful thinking?

      Again, thank you for all your help with putting the Peak Surgical issue to rest.

      Best to all,

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