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  • dragan7777777777 dragan7777777777 Jul 2, 2009 9:37 AM Flag

    OT: NEPH, pay-time.....

    Pay-time for NEPH, I am loaded here...BVX MUST be next. They were both waiting for approvals... .

    Party tonight...

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    • Dragan,

      Congrats on NEPH, but a cursory glance at the chart shows it actually peaked about three weeks ago, so I was just curious about your timing.

      No big deal I guess...

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      • Chang,

        Here is the scoop with NEPH. First, for me this is only a trading stock. Second, this stock went as low as one cent in April 2009!.... Last couple of months huge hype was generated on pending FDA approvals, and rumours about buyout.

        First time, I got in at average 0.70-0.80, but only 5K shares, and sold all at average 1.20-1.30. Made my "gas money", but did not realize the hype will carry on even higher, to 1.70s. Too bad, could make more money. Well, one of my trading rules is: "...never sorry for the money I did not make, always sorry for the money I lost..".

        After delay with FDA approvals, and exit of mo-mo, day traders, and hype going down, stock went steady down. My DD told me that this guys have very high probability of FDA approvals for three patents/ med devices, so I went back at average 1.02. Second time, I got bigger position, and single pop of almost 50% was time to sell, and make more than gas money. So, I have sold 2/3 of my position, got my initial capital back, and now I will hold 1/3 ( "house money " ) for additional pop which will occur after other FDA approvals are given...

        If there is another huge hype, let's say 200-300%, or there is real buyout, I will sell my left over position, and move on. If not, and price drop down before FDA approvals are out, I will buyback some. If nothing happen, and all stay equal, plus no any fundamental change, I will sit "pretty" on my "house money", and wait for next move....

        All of this is NOT investing, it is short term, swing, or day trading, plus trading on crowd emotions, sentiment ( hype about approvals, and buyout ). This is something that I would not recommend to anyone except "nuts" like me.....

        Good luck


    • Dr D,
      ..could you please provide some insight into the 510K process; ...NEPH receives approval today, does that go to say there will possibly be others later this month. Going from talk on the board had the impression FDA approvals would be released at one time for the month - does this have an implication for Bovie.

      (apologies for lack of homework on previous post, at work and going from memory - it was SEER announced in Nov not J-Plasma)

      - Regards

    • Dragan,
      Congratulations on your NEPH payday.
      I hope that BVX reacts in a similar manner with J approval.

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