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  • kevblak kevblak Sep 20, 2011 11:31 AM Flag

    yes Bike one0810ca is kevblack

    Just before you go on another rant!

    Mr. Mak will try and blame all the hype on Mike Bolser.

    But this company led investors on with Strategic discussions comments
    on numerous occasions.

    Mr. Mak and Team you owe the investors a big win ... your legacy so far is filled with self serving nepotism, equivocation and failure.

    Your window to change this is closing fast.

    The lumpen prolatariat (Bag holders) are already sniffing blood.

    Stealing hard earned money from desperate people is a dangerous game
    I hope this ends well but am having serious doubts.

    All the insiders should be returning the optioned cheap shares to treasury that have been issued since 2006.

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    • Kevblak,
      you are so different now. I hardly know you anymore.

      Is the plant tour still on?

      • 1 Reply to martingrose
      • What is to know i have been consistantly bullish on the prospects of BVX.
        I was instrumental in assisting Bolser with his research of BVX until i got kicked out of the tin foil hat club.
        I encouraged and offered to fund a shareholders legal action with Bolser et al.
        I made no secrets about this and Mr Mak was aware of my position . I also filed an sec complaint against the company. I also have maintained a civil dialog with Mr. Mak and others at the company even when we disagree.
        I will not print anything that i am not willing to say face to face with anyone.
        I have had 2 face to face meetings with Mr. Mak and George Kromer.
        Nice guys .
        Bolser got nervious when i visited with the company and he accused me of taking a payout from the company.
        This was patently false.

        All said Mike was a good friend with a brilliant mind
        but he went off his meds or something.

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