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  • wise2allofu wise2allofu Oct 3, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    No Access to Presentation

    The Bovie presentation made yesterday morning was to be available on the Bovie website within 24 hours.

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    • I was on th Bovie site today and the presentation is there that was made to SeeThru Equities. It is a very upbeat and positive presentation. Buy Bovie now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wise, they said 2 months selling already ( even re-orders ). I am sure they will have some sales figure in November earning report. Bovie usually doesn't give guidance. I am not sure what they are going to do with generator ( Icon GS ), lend it, rent it, or sell it. Hand-piece is no brainer. Las Vegas conference is good idea. Bottom line, still very speculative, if sales take off street will reward them. I got in today with small position at 3.75. The irony is that was my very first buy at the same price in 2006.

    • "The Bovie presentation made yesterday morning was to be available on the Bovie website within 24 hours."

      And you started believing what this company says because......why?

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      • Hi Wise. I am back. Actually, never left. Kept my eye on BVX chart, news, and message board. You and Bike are in permanent fight. Wondering how many die hard BVX retail investors are still around. Is Mike still in? It is almost incomprehensible to understand how lousy management could screw up big time with such revolutionary product like J.

        I like presentation and this guy Jeff. It is remarkable to see Bovie at any investors conference, that has not been their custom for many yrs. I like the fact that they are "concentrating on endometriosis" and they have orders and re-orders. Too bad we do not give specifics ( exact numbers for orders/reorders, which hospitals and for what surgery ). I ques they will give more details with next earnings report.

        Wise you are well informed and I will take liberty to ask you a few questions, if you care to answer:

        - are all legal issues with Bovie over? Like suits and contra-suits and patents disputes?

        - it was not clear to me from presentation, do they have own sales-force for J, if they do how many reps ( 199? ), and any idea how much they pay them?

        -they talk about J been used for veterinarian medicine, did they sell any J units and/ or made any money in this field?

        - and old eternal question: why you are saying "they are already taken"? Mike has told many times about buyout contract that never happened...

        On the end, "some people are looking", but nothing will happen till Bovie clear IP, patents issues, and management mess and start making money. J wonderful technology ( a bit "Johnny comes lately" to the market ) will stay as a pipedream unless hard green cash start coming in. TIA

      • I don't know why. I'm not American and I suppose the Canadian in me believed they would be able to master the task of attaching a link to their website.

    • What happened to Real Time Full Disclosure to ALL?

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