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  • janetgrose janetgrose Nov 16, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    But they couldn't really be THIS bad, could they?

    Since January of 2010 we've seen Bovie Med drop from a high of ten dollars to the 2's and 3's. Prior to that they were in the 8 dollar range for years. These price DISASTERS came in spite of what should have been exciting new products.

    How is it that a management could consistently produce conservative, careful profitability and then become complete screw ups? How is it that they would fail to mention (SHOUT) that J-plasma can treat MRSA--at a time when antibiotics appear to be tapping out and all of humanity must look for alternatives? I continue to think there must be some other explanation than incompetence. Just doesn't make sense.

    I also now realize that the stock market is the greatest ripoff ever invented besides central banking. It's whole purpose is to steal money from the "small people". Even the "people" that are supposed to be protecting shareholder value, the C-team, are in it completely for themselves. A den of vipers and crooks. Makrides, Sauron, Citronowicz, Aneralla, etc.

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    • Almost 8 months have past. Why shouldn't we know who the major multi-national medical company is and what products Bovie has developed and is manufacturing for this company.

      In other developments, the Company announced today that it has signed several interim and related product development agreements with a major multi-national medical device company in anticipation of a final developmental and manufacturing agreement expected to be completed in the second quarter this year.

    • Hissy fit short-cover m'boy. What happens after shorts are covered?

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