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  • kingetula Jun 3, 2009 10:00 AM Flag

    Thank GAWD I SOLD!

    Sure it may go up again.... but looking at $3.53 right now.. FEW!

    I'm sure it will go back up but...

    And you guys laughed at me! Now I can buy back in lower! WOOT!

    I'm not as dumb as I come across sometimes. Buying in now for more profiT!

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    • kingetula Jun 8, 2009 9:44 AM Flag

      Dang, $3.30 for the low so far today?? As I said, be careful guys we could test the lows again

    • kingetula Jun 8, 2009 7:03 AM Flag

      Futures fall as dollar soars... (Article today on CNBC) This crap is all "Puppet Mastered"

      Another article on CNBC this morning, "Pros Say: Don't Buy into the Recovery Mirage" I call it a false hope. You guys be careful, this market is soars on money on the sidelines and nothing else. (Besides a weak dollar from time to time)

      JUST BECAREFUL THIS RECOVERY HAS NO SPINE! Nothing feels right, we all know we are in a world of crap and nothing is really better. SO we lost (example) 600,000 jobs and not 630,000 jobs. (Screw those people saying not so bad is good!) WE ARE IN A WORLD OF CRAP! Even the Great Depression had markets soar just before but this time our dollar is in debt!

      I'm not trying to scare you but maybe the money is on the sidelines for a reason, they might be the smart ones. The weak hands of GREED keep a few still jumping in just like when a stock dives the weak hands bail!

      JUST BECAREFUL! You and I both know this rally doesn't feel right and either does the rise in oil.

    • kingetula Jun 7, 2009 9:55 PM Flag

      Yes, so much money we could go to 2000 or higher on the DOW but doesn't that scare you? In the best of times we only hit around 1400. Now we are in a world of shit and the market acts like everything is great! Some serious Politics are being played out to bump up the economy and get us out of this mess. IMO it's all ran by a few puppet masters. I hope it works but I see a big crash coming, maybe not today or this year but throwing money at a situation only works for so long before it creates other problems. A foundation of jobs (GOOD PAYING JOBS) is what we need. Let pretend NONE of our jobs left America, would we be in this kind of mess? Probably not as bad.

    • kingetula Jun 7, 2009 9:41 PM Flag

      I guess watching the daily lows isn't playing it safe but it works for me.

    • kingetula Jun 7, 2009 9:37 PM Flag

      Yes I always check the days lows. It doesn't happen every day or even every week. I've caught a few this way but can bite you in the butt like EROC did. I picked up EROC at $3.93 when it first dove. I held for a day or so and it didn't act like it was in good shape so I bailed at $3.90 and it dove hard just after. I sat on the sidelines and was about to pass as I didn't want to get burned again. A few of the guys and my gut told me this was the bottom ($3.04 I bought in and avg in at $3.01 for a few days) Couple days latter it took off. I get burned all the time by backing out. I should have a Million right now with all the stocks I sold early only to have them double tripple etc... As they say, your not long in this market. I don't trust it but that has really burned me. Once I trust it it will burn me again. I play safe than sorry.

    • thanks for the reply I was looking at it for another leg up but decided to do some call spreads on CI tomorrow, better return with some downside potential, your comments also gave me some insight on your investment approach and why you exited eroc which makes more sense. Do you survey the day new lows for possible candidates?

    • Everyone keeps saying that this is some monster rally. but there is so much money still on the sidelines. If that money starts flowing in then who knows how high we can go . I sold AHD and APL and moved to Eagle Rock I think this is the next one to start on its upwards journey. Good luck to all.

    • kingetula Jun 7, 2009 6:06 PM Flag

      America is too big to fail. If we fail what will the state of the world be? China and everyone else must support our broke ass. I'm not saying America wont fall but it's in the best intrest of most of the modern world to support us. We our a country on wellfare. Many in the world may like to see us fall like China, Russia, and so on but doing so would not be in their best intrest at this time. I'm sure if the world could figure out a way to drop or deadbeat ass from the family it would but we are the heart of the world

    • kingetula Jun 7, 2009 5:55 PM Flag

      What do I think of GSIG?

      I don't.

      I'm a bottom feeder, companies that get hit and dive way more than what they should and I jump in. EROC caught my hook, made my profit and moved on. (I may or may not be back) I still think EROC may test the lows $3's again but could be wrong. IMO OIL and all is creating a NASTY BUBBLE! It just doesn't feel right. It may only be to the weaking dollar but it's all politics IMO. Heck this whole Rally doesn't feel right but it is what it is. I just hope I'm not caught in the market when the Blizzard comes and the hill get's very slippery. The higher this crap goes the scarier it gets, like a false hope! We all know shit aint getting better but the only glimmer of hope is the stock market? I don't know. And this BS they say, "not so bad is good" WTF??? I would feel much better if America didn't send its good paying jobs to China etc... We have no backbone to keep us up. Now we want to buy American, Support America buy GM? WTF? Now we will get on a kick to invest in AMerica? Oh, did someone realize we just screwed ourselves? Debt is going to kill us, no soryy... Greed is going to be the reason America falls! The sad thing is if we fall so does the world and that's probably why China continues to support our broke ass.

    • I know you didn't ask me rlbeard, but GSIG is a joke i looked at 6 months ago and keep on my watchlist just so i will be aware when the punchline comes.

      It really is the most curious stock on the NYSE/Nasdaq at that moment (and for the 4 more days remaining until it gets delisted).

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