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  • jgriffith111 jgriffith111 Jul 17, 2009 11:04 AM Flag

    Who the hell is buying today?

    Jeez. Some institution must have just started adding a position or something around $2.65. We've run up fast and hard in the past week. Up 7% on a down day!

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    • Have any of you looked at temperature maps lately?

    • yeah its brilliant. all the other NG companies are down or flat today and EROC is making a large move, not just in comparison but in relation to its usual movements.

      Checked NG prices a few days ago and it was $3.28 and today is $3.81. hope it keeps going up.

      looking for Eroc to hit $5 at some point in the next 3 months. would be happy to take the profits on that.

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      • Ahem, I already knew people were manipulating the markets this just makes it even more obvious, and so most people should have seen this coming, crash markets buy low pump and sell high. Profit.

        They crashed the commodity market a bit, even though they where already over supplied they were the ones who drove it up in the first place, to buy even more at cheaper prices. Hedge verses government inflation of money supply and the manipulators were the root cause of the reason for gov inflation aka printing or quantitative easing.

        Every idiot knows dollar will go down no matter what unless gov change their corrupt policies and unemployment will go up and spending in US will go down, despite corps reporting profits, mostly from gov bail out and gaming the market, ignore most common news for a while and dig deeper for more important news from other countries.

        Like I said banks are in pumping mode for a while, next time they take profit say good bye. But as long as this company is making money the pumping and dumping is irrelevant to an extent. Just don't let shorties unnerve you.

        Retail real estate is next in line crash/kill the markets, but necessities should still make money but they must cut costs such as management wages and waste. Or maybe gov bailout again and we get even more stupid taxes,
        to fund gov over paid workers, subsidies, dumb stimulus and bail outs. Ahem what is so wrong about deflation, O less jobs fine how about open your own business if can't find a job, or minimum wage job for a while. Deflation = money is worth more commodities less.

        True wealth is production of goods and services not just money! Money is a means of trading for those things.

        Most corps are saying they are posting profit growth because they lowered their operating expenses not because they made more money by selling stuff, aka fired(outsource work), or pay cuts to employees.

        I am fine with lower wages just do it for management first then lower wage earners to lessen the impact, other way around is more disastrous for the economy but management usually wont take responsibility(ahem greed).

        About Bank profits: AKA GOLDMAN SACHS PROFITS.
        They said they made 3.4++ billion but really how did they do it. Ahem computer program trading and they brought a case to court saying they were using it to rob people in stock,etc trading to make money basically. They are bringing charges on their former Vice pres since he stole the program so to benefit from it after he left.

        Ahem nice idiot Goldman told us they are scum that steals money, and they prob will get away with this, unless people make a big deal about it and they can't avoid responsibility. They are boasting about their profits as well eh.

        Please shorties short Goldman Sachs we need these corps that contribute nothing to real economics gone.

        Commodities > Dollar

      • good lord you're optimistic!

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