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  • jrussell823 jrussell823 Aug 23, 2011 11:56 AM Flag

    Insane pricing

    There is a problem with supply and demand. NG is being discovered in abundance and there is a lot more where that comes from. Storage facilities are full. For some reason, the government is not pushing this abundant fuel like they should. How hard can it be to convert electric plants from coal and oil to NG? All they do with the fuel is boil water to make steam and power generators! NG can also be used as a transportation fuel if the govt. invests in the infrastructure. They could start with the Interstate hwys and heavy trucks. Farmers have been using propane in their pick-ups for decades, the conversion is simple. What gives?

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      I think it is saying, most new plants are NG, and coal is likey not being converted right now..because of cost (coal is cheap), and to change the equipment before it's useful life is over...also is an added costs.

      But you could also argue, even NG is still geologic carbon...and if we are concerned about CO2 emissions....carbon is carbon. So, do we want to build infrastructure to switch to another form of carbon. Or put effort into non carbon based fuels...or renewable carbon based fuels (gets rid of the energy security issue)

      To me (being somewhat an environmentalist)...all forms of energy are needed in our future...each in it's strongest application.

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