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  • aolpwcracks aolpwcracks Jul 11, 2002 5:14 PM Flag

    ***$$ How To Steal AOL Passwords throug


    1) If and ONLY IF you have AOL, send an E-mail to
    2) In the subject box type the screenname of the person whose
    password you wish to steal
    3) In the message box type the following: /cgi-bin/start?
    4)Send the e-mail with a file attatched "NO" greater than 10 KB in
    5) Wait 2-3 minutes and check your mail
    6) Read the message. Where YOUR password was typed before, NOW, the
    password of the screenname in the code string is there!!

    Why does this work? I'll tell you. When you send this e-mail, you
    are sending it through the AOL MAIL SERVER. It will not accept file
    attachments without a valid password. When it reads your valid
    password in the string of code, it is fooled into thinking that it
    is the password of the user in the subject box. But since AOL cannot
    discard file attachments under a certain size, It returns the e-mail
    to you, accidently correcting the password. HAVE FUN!!!

    *DISCLAIMER* I am not responsible if someone decides to exploit this
    error in AOL Mail Server, or for AOL being stupid. Only for people
    who have AOL SN!!

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