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  • basoon75 basoon75 Jan 5, 2005 10:31 AM Flag

    Open letter to Bush supporters


    Let's assume for a moment that you are pleased with the costs of the Iraqi war spiraling out of control (so far triple what "W" predicted)
    Further more, let's assume you are quite content with "W"'s handling of the war on terror - Osama alive and well and AlQueda flourishing thanks to all resources dedicated to Iraqi war...

    And maybe you're delighted with his handling of economic/domestic issues such as: a mega-Trillion defecit with no end in sight, $50/barrel for oil, and Bush forbidding you (for your own safety) from buying cheap medicines from Canada..

    But what I don't get is why you wouldn't be upset with Bush's treasonous handling of the Plame affair.

    To refresh your memory... On July 14, 2003 (1 1/2 years ago) Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA officer, had her cover exposed by columnist Robert Novak as a CIA covert operative. Novak won't tell us who it was who betrayed our nation by blowing her cover other than saying "it was senior administration officials".

    Whoever on Bush's staff did this is guilty under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, (it is a crime for anyone who has access to classified information to disclose intentionally information identifying a covert agent).

    If you were the president and someone on your staff betrayed our nation, wouldn't you put it at the top of your priorities to find out just who the traitor was?
    Bush could have all of his staff take an oath before congress that he wasn't the traitor... the guilty might well consider a confession rather than face the lengthy prison term if caught lying. Bush could break out the polygraph, he could lock up Novak until he fingered the traitor, Heck, Bush's pick for Ashcroft's replacement advocates torture - Bush could even have Novak tortured... He could do a hundred other things if he really wanted to expose the traitor - But Bush has done nothing except reluctantly let a "commission" look in to it... 18 months later - nothing - and Bush will continue to bury this forever ...

    No matter your politics... Treason is treason.... Aren't you interested who on Bush's staff is a traitor? Evidently, Bush doesn't really care.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • why don't you all stop using this as your political post and stick to the topic at hand, CAT???

      They do have blogs on the net where you can voice your hate of the republican (or any other) party

      Just a thought.

    • <<It IS a good point, Why hasn't such a thing been an issue?? What could be more important?

      Because wife was sharing info with hubby when she shouldn't have been. And secondly, wife's id was made known at a party on the left coast, prior.

      Basoon is a bufoon who is merely being a hateful partisan.

    • > " You've got to wonder why America isn't holding Bush's feet to the fire on this one"---

      ---- Well if the mainstream media, made a big deal out of it, this 'cover- up' situation could be as big as Watergate was in the 70's.
      Is it possible that the those who control the media control the public's opinion-- not by outright telling us WHAT to think but by just even deciding what issues we are to think about; What issues are to be seen, discusssed and debated in the public arena?

      It IS a good point, Why hasn't such a thing been an issue?? What could be more important?

    • Bassoon does have a point - most Americans have not taken a stance on the exposure of the CIA agent. - I don't know if it's treason in a legal sense - but it certainly is a betrayal of America - and I wouldn't mind seeing the rascal strug up either.

      Someone in the whitehouse betraying America is a significant story - you've got to wonder why America isn't holding Bush's feet to the fire on that one.

      In regards to the vote tomorrow - Of course UAW will vote yes - what choice do they have?

    • Let me clarify ... I have taken no stance that I am willing to discuss on this message board.

      Call me what you will. Your opinion of me or my views is unimportant to me.

      You have had some interesting posts in the past so I am a little disappointed to be placing you on the "ignore" list.

      Have a good day.

      Blue Dog

    • Looking back on the thread I think that it is very clear that I have taken no stance on this subject.

      My point is only that this is not the correct forum. If you would like to discuss treason in the current administration or today's society then please use the appropriate venue.

      My patriotism (or lack thereof as you seem to believe) is not the issue. I am not questioning your beliefs, feelings, or information. I would appreciate if you didn't make assumptions about mine.

      On a more relevant topic ... anyone know how soon after the union vote can we expect to hear the results?

      Blue Dog

    • I will make no comment regarding my politcal stance or on the in/validity of the data.

      If I want to discuss this issue then I will do so in the appropriate forum ... as should you.

      This is a Caterpillar finance message board. Go peddle your political diatribe somewhere else.

      Have a great day.


      Blue Dog

    • So in other words your portfolio is down and now all the bash BUSH junk. Its a free country,and the results are in... Dubya is the man!!

    • You're mistating several key facts;

      Novak blamed a "senior Whitehouse official", if you don't know the difference between a Whitehouse official and an administration official, I doubt you have the ability to work a butterfly ballot . . . . hmmmmm.

      Cost of the war; our president deliberately stayed away from putting a number there. See his statements to congerss in late '02.

      Mega trillion dollar deficit: this is a GAO projection, there is no multi-trillion dollar deficit, except in a projection that originally extrapolated multi-trillion dollar budget surpluses into the indefinite future, while we were still experienceing deficits!

      You are a propogandist, and a brainwashed fool. There are many like you on these boards . . .in fact I think you post also as rational thought on a separate board.

      Do not be confused by my response to your crap; my very next move is to install you on "ignore". (Most of my friends did so when they read your title to your post). So go ahead, try to take over the boards with your prattle . . . you are insignificant and will remain so.


    • You forgot the $10.4 trillion hole in Social Security that private accounts won't fix or the $17 trillion hole in Medicare created by the Bush perscription drug plan.

      Are these guys deliberately trying to cut revenue (by making tax cuts permanent) and increase obligations (Iraq, drug benefits, ag subsidies, ballistic missile defense, etc.) so that the US government finally becomes insolvent?
      Geez! Whatever happened to FISCAL conservatives?


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