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  • sueann8369 sueann8369 Jan 27, 2009 11:12 AM Flag

    I got a Union Teamster suspended yesterday


    I ordered some really nice 6 panel cherry doors recently that were made in China at a very reasonable price. They were delivered by a Union Teamster truck driver who was mad because he had to take them off the truck and then started complaining about how goods made in China etc blah blah. I called his employer and informed them of the driver's rudeness as well as pointed out that if I hadn't bought those doors from China that driver might not have had a job that day. The driver called ma and apologized and said if I didnt accept his apology they would suspend him for a month. If I did accept it it would only be for a week and he had kids to feed and the usual blah so I accepted it. The company called back an hour later to see if all was ok after the apology. I feel really good knowing that I kept his suspension to a week instead of a month. It makes me feel good I kept food on American childrens plates this week

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