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  • bestbuyshrinks bestbuyshrinks Feb 4, 2009 3:25 PM Flag

    1oz of silver = 5 lbs of apples from wholefoods >>


    Grafelfing My earlier post of about 3 weeks ago is repeated for your viewing pleasure when silver was 11.50/ we are seeing the tide slowly turning that is gold silver rising even as the market falls !
    now when the dollar falls in earnest silver will rise even more...
    no counterparty risk !
    as gov prints trillions silver which was 20 6 months ago and is only 11 now will rise it;s green today see slv and you can sleep at night !
    think 1 oz of pure silver a troy oz no less with 14 to the lb is only the price of 5 lbs of apples.
    this is because it has been kep depressed in price by crooked financials like jpm
    you can preserve yuor wealth with silver !
    The paper printers have convinced you gold and silver are relics and their paper is the real thing but smart money knows otherwise gold and silver is the only true money that stands the test of time.. gold up for each year in the past 5 !

    most will not listen to what I am telling you
    but all wil lremeber I told you this !
    mark this post current silver price is 11.50/oz
    see how much you could have made and not lost with the real thing..

    Here is a post from someone on the slv board who responed to my post with this excellent reply:
    Here's another way to look at it: an ounce of silver costs less than a lousy mass produced 1 topping medium pizza!

    It costs less than 2 McDonald's Value Meals

    It costs less than a crappy CD of the latest pathetic musical artist being promoted by Hollywood

    Think of how much corn is produced every year in the world and then go to a grocery store and see how many ears your $11 will buy. Cheaper than a bushel of soybeans? A college student will spend $150-200 on a single textbook (that probably promotes lies if it is an economics text). That textbook is NOT worth 15-20 ounces of .999 silver!

    People are STUPID. It would only take about 100,000 people worldwide to buy as much silver as I have and there would be NO silver available for ANYONE at any price under $30. JMO.

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