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  • storagelh storagelh Apr 9, 2010 9:56 AM Flag

    Lets see

    Market is forward looking, cat guided down last qrt and the stock is up 20%. Funny how the analyst can do out years to justify their bs, and nobody listens to the ceo's of the companies. What would they know anyways ? Market in a total melt up , ignoring all bad news and spinning the good news. Never ends good, but enjoy while its happening. Yesterday, employment report was horrible, and opposite of projections , yet not mention on hype tv, yet if it would have beaten, they wouldn't have shut up all day on the matter. Be carful if you are long and book profits when they present themselves but the bubble is once again inflating

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    • ...ya but....we are not worried about greece anymore...........daaaaaahhhh

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      • Nobody has worried about Greece from the start. Just more rhetoric and bs. Just like the price of oil. No demand but it gets bid up everyday. People just don't realize that it trades like a stock, and if somebody is willing to buy it higher then bid it up and sell it to them. Zero fundamentals in any of this mess, but who cares. People feel better, and thus they get to buy more crap they don't need and ring up more debt. The American way, all led by our gov. setting the example. Has this picture not played out before ?

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