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  • sterlingbreeze17 sterlingbreeze17 Apr 15, 2010 10:16 AM Flag

    Let the madness continue

    And they talk about March madness. I'm not short, yet, but this going to be easy $$$ when the melt up is based on nothing. No sellers, rotation of $$$ day to day to keep the averages up, and ignoring all news and valuations. Always ends ugly, but not soon, because the gov wants everybody to feel good and go out and buy crap they don't need and can't afford. Foreclosures up, employment claims up, and of course the market is always up.

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    • The only madness is by those who keep refusing to go long. Damn that's gotta hurt, the amount of money you have let slip away.

      Still not too late to go long. But you won't of course. Your madness will continue.

    • Bubble definition

      1. An economic cycle characterized by rapid expansion followed by a contraction.

      2. A surge in equity prices, often more than warranted by the fundamentals and usually in a particular sector, followed by a drastic drop in prices as a massive selloff occurs.

      3. A theory that security prices rise above their true value and will continue to do so until prices go into freefall and the bubble bursts

      when will it happen????

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