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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 13, 2010 10:12 AM Flag

    Obama: Investment Capital if Fleeing Overseas

    The latest information on mutual fund investing is horrible... big increases in Overseas, International and Emerging markets funds but large outflows out of US equity mutual funds.

    The more our government talks about raising taxes on people with investment capital... and jacking up their capital gains taxes... and continues with the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the world...

    ... the more investment capital will leave the U.S... capital that's NEEDED to build factories, start businesses and employ people.

    NO amount of big-government, keynsian stimulus is going to compensate for americans taking their capital where it's treated best... and that ISN'T in the U.S. anymore.

    The best definition of a socialist is someone who despises wealth and capital... it's someone who CONSTANTLY talks about punishing the rich by raising their taxes (even though the top 10% of earners pay almost 70% of income taxes now and the bottom 48% pay, in the aggregate, NO income taxes... only FICA).

    Obama is the most socialist-minded president in US history. For our kids' sake... please vote intelligently this November.

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    • With so many countries that actively establish policies to ATTRACT capital, it's amazing that the U.S. is adopting policies to encourage investment capital to LEAVE the U.S.

      Not a day goes by that democrats don't campaign on the principle of raising taxes on those with capital and re-distributing it to those who would spend it.

      Our country is borrowing and spending itself into bankruptcy and the capital that remains is fleeing!


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