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  • jlbhgb jlbhgb Feb 1, 2011 3:01 PM Flag

    >$98 Close on "DIG DIG DIG"

    Gap up to >$99 on the open tomorrow.

    Buy now to beat the rush!

    Close above $100 Friday.

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    • Saying dig dig dig makes stocks go up?

      • 2 Replies to hot_ma_mark
      • It just peeked above $98... $100 tomorrow.

        If you are paying attention, I've been right all day here.

      • No, that is the name of the CNBC show tonight which will showcase how experts see the Canadian oil sands being a huge part of the future oil production in this hemisphere.

        And, since you obviously missed my earlier posts on topic, showcasing the MF out of CAT equipment as the choice of industry professionals in the field.

        Other than nonsense, have you short dweebs actually done any work on this story? net of cash, this is a value story, not just the awesome growth they have coming for the discountable future. that's why there is no real or pro short interest here -- it is time to get long, very long.

        Read my posts over the last couple years here on yahoo and see if you can figure out my line of work. You may quickly realize my losses are tiny and i'm right on my trades and investments about 90% of the time.

        If you are in a deep hole, you may not know it is not a good idea to DIG DIG DIG unless you just like dirt hitting your head.

    • Three retail shorts with peanut capital and one algo trader trying to push this down vs serious institutional longs.

      The trade is to get long girls, the short trade was in February of 2009.

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