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  • Low_Mac Low_Mac Mar 10, 2012 8:35 AM Flag

    China Has Largest Trade Deficit Since 1989 as Imports Gain

    China slowing down with their largest trade deficit, importing copper and oil.

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    • Hey look, I like the board and appreciate the input from nearly everyone on here, including yourself and Rich. I just don't dig any age-related nicknames. I'm not into terms of endearment. If no offense intended- none taken-- its cleared up.

      Next topic please.

    • Ben will print more and ZIRP longer. Problem solved.

    • minee, I think riches expertise is in his 35 years of experience at Cat not necessarily with the history of the world. He doesn't jump from board to board, he stays with what he is an expert at, and that's 35 years of making decisions and help run this company. Surely you can't compare a history book with that? I really don't think he was trying to put you down, and I will be very very surprised if you get to be 60, and you don't find yourself at least once call someone son, kid, or young pup. I think you add something to the message board and hope you don't take this personal. Look at all the things I have been called over the years.

    • OK be offended if you wish. I really don't care. The difference you're missing is the ability to differentiate between truly significant events and just so many headlines. You don't study and "learn" that. It's an acquired skill. I've dealt with many very talented young people but it's their inherent impatience that works so well for them in business and against them in the investment world. Take or leave the advice, it is intended to help, ignore it if you wish.

      By the way kiddo is a term of endearment. If I was to be derogatory I'd use something like, ... oh never mind.

      Later. Have a great day.

    • It's easy for me to "go back through history"-- I'm sitting on an M.A. in the field- no armchair student here Rich. Oh and besides, you don't have to live through history to know how good or bad things were-- I don't need to have lived through 1930's and 1940's US or Germany to know how bad things got-- it's easily studied and "learned".

      Again, once you start using terms like "kiddo" your credibility is lost. All I see is an armchair leader that lost his outlet when he retired. Good luck "leading" a free message board Rich, your glory days are over.

    • mini, I hear what you're saying on manipulating prices. I think the best way to curb inflation is what they have done, and that's increase interest rates, and now they are easing again.

    • Member is used to describe regulars, are not a flash in the pan, and are here posting on a regular basis whether the stock is up or down. Members are here to learn as well as add facts and discuss things, not to call the company a bloated pig and this is a dot com stock, or some other name. We welcome debates and disagreements that's how everyone learns, not that we mind people posting, or we are putting you down for your opinion. Remember if you got the right to post we have the right to comment on it ,and you shouldn't be getting offended when somebody calls you on something.

    • That's a fact. All posters are welcome, but you'd better come prepared to defend your position with facts and references just not personal feelings and opinions. There are a lot of bitter folks that show up post some anti Cat drivel and then disappear. It's frankly fun to try to hook them and see just how nutty they are. If you're an active investor and study the market and the company, I'd encourage you to post to your hearts content. Good luck.

    • Kiddo, "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time." My point is you've probably not lived through very many economic cycles and likely have a "this is the first time this has ever happened" perspective. I know I did when when I was your age. No disrespect intended just be careful. Remember the media needs to sell commercials and advertising. Everyday they need headlines to announce to us with breathless enthusiasm. Go back in history and look at the magnitude of the disasters we've waded through. World wars, nuclear accidents, hurricanes, floods, mass starvation, on and on. By comparison todays events are pretty benign.

      China will grow at 7-10% for the next 3 decades. Russia is coming out from underneath a half century of total repression. South America is developing a vibrant economy. The US is seeing green shoots of renewed growth. Europe, well they're stuck with 50 years of socialism to pay for. Germany and France will do OK, Southern Europe will be stuck in the mud for years to come. My advice is don't let short term head fakes take you off your feet.

      Good luck and good investing.

    • amen to that...snobish of the post not long ago said someting about "board members". You don't need a membership to post anything on here.

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