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  • roustyboy roustyboy May 14, 2012 9:29 PM Flag


    Once again arrogance and egos dominate our world. The management on one side who truly believe they're superior to the working stiffs and the truer workers on the other side. NOTHING has changed on our planet. Money and arrogance rule out at the expense of everyone else.

    CAT years ago canned a a ton of workers and hired new ones paying them ridiculous wages with reduced benefits. All the while their balance sheet grew and grew and grew.

    It's too bad ALL real WORKERS at CAT don't walk off the job and shut the whole situation down totally. Then force the CEO and his cadre of arrogance jerks out. Subsequently ALL workers at CAT will be treated with the same respect and dignity good, hard working human beings deserve.

    I wonder what CAT's current CEO (and his wife) would like it if someone cut off his money machine? They might actually be forced to frequent McDonalds vs those 5 star restaurants.

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    • The only "old windbag" here is you and it is people like you sitting on a fat pension from CAT that is causing its demise.
      Cat almost went under once because of the union thuggery and in order to save it a lockout s needed to finish the thuggery off once and for all

    • You old windbag!
      The only thing you're gonna do is sit your fat but down in front of your computer and babble.
      Get a life!

    • Don't know how many company presidents you know. My wife worked at the Symphony and I had a chance to meet the founders og Home Depot and Days Inn as well as the president of Coke and a couple of banks.
      Plus some that I knew from the small companies that I worked for.

      These are smart people, these are gutsy people who were willing to go out on a limb and risk all that they had to start a company. This is the difference between an entrepreneur and a worker bee who does just as he as told and no more.

    • Walk off like at the Electromotive plant?

    • Same union mentality that caused GM to go broke. If it was not for companies like CAT most of this folks workng on the line truly would be at McDonalds, working there not eating, just sayin

    • i get what your saying the guy who sits on an assembly line putting in thousands of screws a year with no thought what so ever. deserves more money than the the guy going out making sales selling the product that keeps the guy putting the same screw in the same hole year after year working. i get it we should all get paid for the the least amount of longer will i be shackled with the burden of thought. oh great wise sage with your lack of wisdom you have shown me the light. wow what have i been doing all these years working hard thinking independantly. god i have wasted my life thank you so much for regurgitating the same marxis bulls/h/i/t that has brought europe to its knees, turned the chinese into slaves, and is bankrupting america. hey, why don't marxist con-munist s/h/i/t/ some place else i got money to make.

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      • No! You really don't get it.
        These people working at Joliet run million dollar machines that are more complicated than the MRI machine's at hospitals.
        Next time you get an MRI done at the hospital ask them what they make for running that machine in a clean air conditioned office all day.

        Funny how you downplay people with putting in screws all day and then maximize the importance of mgmt.
        Who said they deserve more pay, only you did.

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