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  • upinouthome8594 upinouthome8594 Nov 15, 2012 10:49 AM Flag


    As soon as some good news comes about regarding the fake fiscal cliff this stock is the first up $2.00+!

    The problem is entitlements and we are talking about taxing the 4% who pay 97% of teh atxes so illegals and women cna have millions of out of wedlock kids on medicaid?

    Medicaid has destroyed our economy and jobs since the stylin daddies will never pay and it will destroy us if not cut by 30%.

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    • Y don't U stick the good news up ur butt when it cums. In the mean time, we (here) have some investing to do.

      I thank U

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      • The democrats and republicans will destroy each other in a fight to the death, whoever comes out on top will oppress the people because absolute power corrupts absolutely. Stalin and Hitler were just two sides of the same coin. Wake up people, you are going to lose no matter who you identify with. Once you take a position, you identify with it, you defend it, and then become personally offended when that position is attacked, as though you yourself are the party. You are not the machine that drives power; you are useful idiots who pull levers and push buttons for a limited choice of candidates, and you can't even think outside this box. I can't believe the leaders we have chosen for the past 50 years, I can't believe people can't see that one party enables the other, and it's about backing and money and who has it. You can fix voting machines. But you knew that, right. They rip out each other's throats during an election and after that are best buddies on the golf course or behind closed doors. Its one big show, and you are being used. It's all a farce, and a fraud. You can blame either party and be right and wrong at the same time. This is why you are arguing at the top of your lungs. It's because you cannot win this game.

    • Ignoramus

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      • You're absolutely right. I am an ignoramus for paying for everything I've ever received. Worked through college, got a job, worked hard and paid every bill I've ever gotten. I should have just shut down after coasting through high school, had a dozen kids with several women and never made or paid for a thing. But in my circle it was not an option. Success was measured by your individual accomplishments. Oh well I guess things change and you've got to change with it. How much wealth do you think I can shelter if I declare bankruptcy? I'll never have to borrow another cent what do I care about my credit rating, or my pride for that matter?

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    • Obama destroyed this stock like he will ruin America with all the free he gave away to win.

      Forgiven tuition loans.
      Birth Control
      No deportations.
      Payroll tax cuts
      Medicaid explosion- no questions asked
      Free Health Care

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