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  • hurlyburly_97 hurlyburly_97 Nov 16, 2012 9:56 AM Flag

    If All you guys despise Obama etc., how come he won????

    Obama and the majority of the American public are much smarter than these losers. Sucks for them!

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    • Obama won because of all the4 years of free for student loan write-offs, free welfare, free food stamp and immigration amnesty for hispanics and the hispanics put him over the top.

      Stock market is doing well since the Welfare Queen won!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Nutty remarks: people out of work need to be sustained by government. Depression for them, recession for you. No President would do anything different. Don't kid yourself there. I suspect that Obama is undereducated in economics which is part of how we are where we are--his choices. Yet if he was, Bush was the completist disaster for America and instead of hiding another generation makes itself ready to represent the interests of billionairs and throw the rest of us away. America was always about cheap labor--don't care why--slavery etc OK if it made economic sense. Morality comes later. China now supports the materialistic habits and again, ghoulish societies are always good for cheap labor. The Jewish cries of "they knew about the camps" and accusations of complicity all turn into narcisstic rants when juxtaposed by the facts from China. America has a limited morality and one I can't trust completely.

      • Ha Ha! ohthestupidone sounds like that poor loser Romney! Next you will be blaming superstorm Sandy! What a dope!

        You would make a great Fox News anchor!

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