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  • toothtoothtooth toothtoothtooth Dec 27, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    45 days to go

    2 days to go. can you make up that 10% loss for 2012? LOL

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    • I'm up 7% YTD. My target is 6% a year so I'm good. Gifting the balance to my kids. No problem. Good to hear from you. Thought maybe you got lost in the frozen tundra. :-)

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      • 7% isnt bad. I was up 60% by april in the "gambling account". i think ill be around 26% total after a bad bed on QE inifinity melting down....missed the OEX by 4 days. ooops. oh well. 26%.....7%.....basically the same thing.

        CAT should be around $80 come dec 2013...if you are lucky. im just going to lop off another 10% from here and take a guess, because research, history, statistics dont matter when you are playing lotto games ala stock investing circa 2012.

        QE infinity 2 next jackson hole anyone? I think he will try to buy up consumer and student debt next. Maybe then he will consifcate the gold like in the 30s....havent tried that trick in a while, most of those people who got robbed are dead now so its about time to recycle it.

      • The next two years are going to leave that 7 % in the dust !
        Not sure if we see low 80's again ?
        If we get a patch Cat's going up in anticipation of a grand bargain so when the Market sells off on the news Cat probably above 90 at the bottom and then its going up fast !

    • By the way, adjusted for dividends Cat closed on 12/30/11 at $88.20. So we're down what $0.52 YTD? And we'll make that up with the early dividend on the 31st. The purpose of a well diversified portfolio is to give the hot hand a rest once in a while. After a 28% and a 64% increase in '09 & '10 respectively, I can take two breakeven years. What's your best guess for Cat's price next December? I think we'll see $120 minimum.

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