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  • richoncat richoncat Jan 10, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Illinois Politicians - Are You Paying Attention?

    Headline: Caterpillar opens two China factories
    Are any of the politicians paying attention? There go several hundred more jobs directly from Illinois to China. Aurora has been the Large Wheel Loader capital of the world for 40 years. Not anymore. Watch those jobs disappear. Where to you think they'll build the engines, transmissions and hydraulics? The Midwest maybe... NOT!

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    • The Chinese factories are built to support products for the Chinese and other Asian country markets. These machines aren't designed for use in the US, so Aurora isn't directly loosing jobs. It's just the market that's moved from the west to the east.

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      • For over 40 years, all of Cat's Large Wheel Loaders were built in Aurora. If you wish to believe that building some of them in China doesn't take work away from the the Midwest plants, go right ahead. From where I sit every engine, frame, cab, transmission, hydraulic pump, etc that's made somewhere else takes jobs away from Illinois. Excavators to Texas, LWL to China, not much left of Aurora after that. Capitalist agenda? Just watching Cat execute their unrelenting divorce from the grips of the UAW.

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      • Exactly!
        Rich always has to offer his own version of what has been written.
        I guess that's part of his capitalist agenda.
        Anyway Base 1 , you got it.

    • isnt this exactly what you want? CAT out of that high tax (lower than my state) illinois, paying workers $4/day so your stock can.....(LOL)....maybe break 116 this decade?

      possibly with QE infinity 2 and this accelerating offshoring CAT you have a chance.

      good luck suckers.

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      • We've already had the high tax / debt debate and Minnesota has nothing on Illinois. Combined unfunded pension plus general obligation debt in Illinois is $130 Billion compared to Minnesota's $30 Billion. Someone will have to pay the bill eventually. Businesses will locate where they have the highest likelihood of success. Illinois' leadership have repeated shown they don't care about business success. Line the pockets of politicians and their cronies and everything is good. Cat will break $116 this year. Count on it. We're closer to $116 than we are to $70. Now go back to sleep.

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    • Rich, had to offer a rare reply but wanted to agree with your comment, a view that we Cat retirees have been touting the past several years. I told my sibling again over the holidays, that the IAM may have signed their last contract in Joliet. Certainly the work force in other Illinois plants will continue to decline.

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