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  • poolsharkwally1 poolsharkwally1 Mar 27, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    Chin.a is dead. Their economy is going NO WHERE fast


    If Caterpillar is relying on China for growth this stock is in deep s,h,i,t. China is DEAD! Their economy isn't growing. It's all smoke and mirrors. China falsifies it's reports to make it look like they are making money. They do this with ALL of their stocks. Those companies report earnings when in reality they are losing money. They do this to get Americans to invest in their s,h,i,t, Then they take the money and shut down. Look at Wonder Auto (WATG), it's perfect example. China is scam. They are nothing but a COMMUNIST country 50 years behind the times.

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    • I agree that China is fundamentally corrupt. You just never know when you invest in anything but giants like HNP or Baidu, which still probably cook books, but won't die or crash badly.

      However, there have been many dysfunctional economies that still prospered and demanded goods and services. Italy? Make no mistake about it, China still has the size, scale, wealth, and necessity to develop. Whatever the volatility of the Chinese economy, they'll still be building infrastructure for a long time to come...and finding the money to pay for it.

      Caterpillar will be there, never mind the rest of the world. This is a solid bet at lower than usual PE. I bought in a few weeks ago, might double in again, especially if it becomes cheaper...which I doubt.

      Best of luck in this one.

    • Toothy takes on a new persona or alternately another idiot hits the board.

      Sentiment: Hold

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