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  • slimjim2005007 slimjim2005007 Jun 28, 2013 9:01 AM Flag


    Besides that obama is killing the coal mines in usa

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    • Barbarous Relic of a company. Debt up to eyeballs. Coddled by big gubmint
      for survival. Maybe Obongo will order a canal built from San Diego to Texas
      to help out. I am all for it.

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      • Here we go again, another guy that knows nothing about this company weighs in with his opinion. A "Barbarous Relic of a company".

        BARBAROUS - Adjective
        1. Savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal.
        2. Primitive; uncivilized.

        You've got to love that description for a worldwide recognized manufacturing / engineering giant. A company that employs 125,000 people worldwide, none of which are indentured servants. They all work there by choice and additionally Cat provides retirement benefits, pensions and 401(k) plans for 10-20,000 retirees that worked there voluntarily for 35 years on average. Even as the stock is undervalued at this time the company has returned over 10% CAGR over any meaningful time frame.

        Debt? Do you have any idea what they use that debt for? Almost all that debt is used to finance purchases by their customers. They make 3-4% return on that debt as they borrow at AA bond rate (1%) and lend at 4-5% commercial credit rates. Cat Financial has never has had an unprofitable year since its inception, even '08-'09. In your eyes that's a bad use of corporate resources, I guess.

        It must be easy to bash a third party that you apparently know little about. Keep it up, it's fun to read the garbage that you've dished up. But remember, Cat makes the equipment that makes progress possible. Every meaningful earthmoving project in the world has Cat yellow all over it. The hospitals your kids were born in and the schools they go to were built with Cat equipment. Roads, dams, airports, ports, and all the development projects that make life livable, all built with Cat equipment. Even the house or apartment you live in was made possible by their machines.

        You can call them names if you wish for ensuring that they have a successful business for years to come. Evidently the company has wronged you as you see it, but there are few people in the world who's lives haven't been touched by the progress Cat makes possible.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Most new miners are going bankrupt and these new gold prices, and coal
        is sinking only the chinese are buying and naming the price.....metals sink lower....most wont know what hit them....when cat is below $60

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