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    White House petition to request prosecution of CAT executives


    the whole bunch....Doug Oberhelman, Brad Halverson , James Buda, Jananne Copeland and Jill Daugherty...everyone...I'm sure there's more. They are ripping off the IRS and making you and I carry the extra weight.

    Maybe we should create a separate petition to request they be deported to Iran after they serve their 20-30 year prison terms. 500 years ago Britain sent their undesirables and felons to Australia...why shouldn't the US be able to send ours to Iran....or maybe even North Korea ;-)

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    • Multinationals like Cat are citizens of no country, rationally moving business around to find the lowest tax rate (cost) and the best terms of operation (profit). I don't blame any of these multinationals for acting rationally. I do blame governments that are hopelessly lost in the idea that multinationals will pay anyone or any government more than required. We need a corporate tax code that is transparent and competitive. Mr. Levin doesn't get that, yet.

    • 50% of Cat's domestic production is exported. Be very careful what you wish for Mr. Levin. Be very careful!

    • Caroline Nolan, a spokeswoman for PricewaterhouseCoopers,
      Julie Lagacy, vice president of the financial services division at Caterpillar

      How much do these whores make each year selling out we taxpayers? Inquiring minds want to know folks.

    • Well nobody can say I did not pay my share of taxes, I filled a 1040-EZ. I think every tax payer should file a 1040-EZ and put a stop to all these people avoiding to pay their full share in taxes.

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