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  • nofoodinbeard nofoodinbeard Dec 9, 2010 9:09 PM Flag

    Asml orders for smart phones and tablets

    Expected to exceed 2 billion from a forecast of only 1.3 billion 2 months ago. Wow. This is phenomenal. Good news for all smartphone suppliers imo

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    • Hey, I am a long.
      No offense, but your headline is very misleading. is not this company making photolithographic machines which has no direct relation with smartphone or tablet. Two billion is the amount of total order in euro but any way learned something new about photolithographic machines.

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      • the wsj article indicated a lot of the growth could be tied to apple, which always makes things a bit more interesting.

        it is at least some clarity into the cell market. take a look at the platform chart in the link below. android is probably at parity with apple today, and the trend would suggest (in the usa at least) that android will likely eclipse rim in time. this is not to say i don't like apple. just that syna has quite a few android-based models, and it cant hurt to ride the fastest horse in a very fast race. sure wish i had worldwide statistics... surely someone does, please post and tia!

        the text suggests that smartphones are growing faster in the usa than the overall mobile segment. makes me wonder if everyone can afford them or perhaps if the difference in cost is much less than the improvement in function? syna has said they envision many more handsets using touch but that the cost has to be right for the consumer to buy. costs aren't ever going to be right as long as there are substrate shortages. then again, there are many other parts to a cell phone besides the touchscreen...

        at any rate its good to hear news like asml's if only to validate the hope we have going into the q2 2011 earnings announcements. showing profit growth and positive cash flows is another whack of the sledgehammer on the concrete short position. eventually enough whacks will crack it.

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