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  • prabbit51 prabbit51 Jan 18, 2012 1:51 PM Flag


    ...gets no respect!

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    • 'No respect?'

      Cramer touting STO.

      Guess it's time to sell!

    • Thanks for the insight. And you're posting on the STO board because??? I mean Norway is like a totally socialist country, so you should dump your shares, that'll show 'em a thing or two!

    • Obama has had three years to do something for nat gas but because of his green ideas he has ignored gas as well as oil. He claims to have increased drilling since he came into office. All the new increases was in the line before he became prez. Since he has been in all the new drilling has been on private land not gov. Because the repubs are putting pressure on him he is now in OK pushing his lies about what all he has done and will do. As for the repubs blocking him, they have sent bill after bill to the senate and Reed tables them. If the repbs hadn't taken the house we would be in even worst shape. If he gets re-elected he will do what he pleases because he has nothing to lose. Look at all the money he has wasted on green projects that have gone bankrupt. Most of that went to cronies who gave money to him for election. He is a socialist and his liberal buddies are too. If he gets another term you will lose your guns and more freedoms. There is a good chance he will be elected again because he is buying votes with give aways. The dem liberals want a one party system. If he gets elected again he has a chance to stack the supreme court with enough liberals to pass or reject any suit that goes to them. We already have one supreme court woman who thinks the constitution is out of date and I've heard Obama say that the constitution gets in the way. Think God for those old wise men who wrote it. If things keep going like they are now with all the spending and give aways there will not be enough people working to pay for those not working. Then we will be like Greece, sad!

    • Obama will be reelected, get use to it. He can't do anything with a do nothing republican house throwing road blocks on every road toward prosperity. I think in his 2nd term he will open up the use of NG with some subsidies to have NG at gas stations like they do in England. Did you know you can run NG and gasoline both in the same car. My English brother-in -law has a Volvo that runs on gas and NG. He can go 500 miles without a fill up. He has a switch on his dashboard to change it from one to the other. The technology is here why don't we use it?

    • Obama has been a plague to the oil industry other than taking care of a few big doners such as Buffett and his GNSF oil trains by killing Keystone.

      Statoil looks like a good buy now because tanker traffic is being severely restricted to Iran. Brent prices are rising and Statoil seems to be in a very good position.

    • You didn't get my point. Until we start using NG to run our trucks and cars and fire more of our power plants the price will stay low. NG used to run our cars and trucks would cost a lot less than gasoline and diesel. Obama is against oil and gas production and use. He wants solar, wind and electric use for our coutry, clean energy. The only problem is we're not advanced enough in those fields to take care of our needs. Until we are, we need to use what we have instead of buying from another country. He blew $500,000,000. on a solar company that went broke and loss the taxpayers money.

    • The number of domestic wells drilling for gas has fallen from over 900 in the 12 months to the low 700's today. The drillers are not finding it profitable and are pulling out. At the current prices, it wouldn't matter who occupies the oval office; this is price driven. More wells only gluts the market ever further, collapsing prices.

      Isn't this simple. No profit = less drilling.

    • It's considered a European stock, which it is, but Norway is not on the Euro dollar. Most of it's sales is in Scandinavia, some to Russia.

      It's considered a state owned company, which it is, but the government there is stable and seems to make good decisions.

      Norway's output seems to be in decline, which it is, but STO has acquired blocks in the GOM, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Marcellus, offshore Brazil, Canadian oil sands, Angola, this tells me they are determined to increase production.

      Half of the board of directors are women.

      CNBC only pumps American stocks.

      There are your five reasons STO gets no respect. SU, CVX, STO are well run companies. STO happens to be cheap right now.

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