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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes Jun 9, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    STO is garbage until Norway reduces taxes.

    Good luck longs. 3/4 of whatever you make goes to Norway. Better places to invest your money. Screw the Norwegian gov't. Let them ride the stock to zero if they like. Why not increase taxes even more ... because you can? Idiots!!!

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    • I wish you would take some time and do some real research. Fox news and Rush are not reliable news sources.
      Sure, they have taxes. They also have free national health care. The workforce is paid more than minimum wage.
      I think people against taxes are spoiled and plain ignorant of how governments work. Move to Somalia, they have no taxes. You poor conservatives who live in blissful ignorance,

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      • Do you really think gov'ts spend money wisely? Central planning made Venezuela run out of toilet paper twice. Yeah. I really want the gov't more involved ... not!!! It is not a question of being spoiled or not. It is a question of common sense. If you give a politician money he will use it for political purposes ... whether or not it is good for you or not. Just because someone gives you a credit card with no limit does not mean it is the right thing to do. It is a question of morality.

      • lemew Jun 10, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

        you are right about citizenship in the Scan countries, but you should keep your eyes open. In Sept of 2013 will be the national elections in Norway. If the election were held today, the right wing (as in less taxes right wing) would be elected. It is my opinion that if Erna Solberg is elected as the PM then the taxes begin to diminish. That will be an interesting education in economics and valuation from my point of view.

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