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  • susiesweatsocks susiesweatsocks Sep 20, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    people who talk on these boards are losers including me

    face it. if we were making lots of money we would not be on this board. Losers.

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    • There is frequently a lot of entertainment value (if you enjoy teasing #$%$ children.)
      Occasionally I've actually run into intelligent commentary...

      I've seen your posts on other boards.
      Go to ESRX & fill my request for info?

      As to STO; lots of deepwater / harsh environment operational experience & building the same in shale.
      I own a small 500 share pos but wouldn't buy more anywhere in the stream with spot oil at present levels.

      I'll wait a few years & buy more producers & further down stream with sub $80 oil...

      Don't forget about ESRX (can you provide food for thought?)

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Socks,
      You're not a loser,you're just misinformed about STO.
      Or if your out money holding here.
      Lund is not the man for the CEO job and has destroyed shareholders value.
      My opinion.......He's incompetent.
      You have a man on the STO board that would make a difference and get this company moving in the right direction.
      James Mulva who recently retired as CEO of Conoco Phillips is the right man for the CEO position.
      Ask any long time COP shareholder.
      Go ahead, ask me.

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