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  • go_bioteck go_bioteck Oct 12, 2001 4:31 PM Flag

    Do you nkow why this afternoon

    at 4:20 pm
    6600 shares are sold at market price and made the lower today to 1.05?

    I s really something going to happen, I am long and very very long for this


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    • Let me try to answer your question.

      The end of trading was actually quite positive especially with the big order that you noticed.

      What you are referring to as the lower at 1.05, I believe is the temporary posted bid that the market makers leave once the market is close. They also typically leave an ask that is several point higher than the last trade. These numbers are totally irrelevant and usually have no indication of how the stock will trade the next trading day. Of course, there was no trades down that low...what is also interesting is that soon we may see who may have been accumulating a position.

      My guess and attempt to try to answer your question. Do you own due diligence, as your question may be an indicator of lack of trading experience.

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      • There actually was a trade of 1000 shares at 1.05. There were several trades that went through on the Island ECN after 4:00pm.

        I was one of the lucky one's able to buy at $1.55 per share.

        My guess is someone who recently purchased shares to make a quick buck got out now that trading volume on NMPS has stabilized. He probably want to free capital to buy other stocks that "appear" taking off.

        Go to to verify the above referenced trades.

        I will welcome any more buying opportunities.

    • I don't follow your question. There seems to be no news. Still, the aftermarket price would appear to have dropped sharply. If this is so, I suspect we will have another buying opportunity such as we did a few days ago when this could be had for a dollar even a share after some idiot fund dumped hundreds of thousands of shares.