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  • rdravin rdravin Jul 30, 2001 10:03 PM Flag

    NMPS Key Numbers for 2Q Earnings

    Earnings report should be out Tues. July 31. I think we should bear in mind the two key numbers from the 1Q report:

    1. Total Sales: $596K
    2. NMP22 Sales: $205K

    Given the state of the business, we should look for some quarter to quarter progression - NOT YEAR TO YEAR.

    Timms Medical should kick in.

    Any speculation on what happens if the NMP66 is a resounding success. They will not be immediately applying for FDA approval.


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    • Not very good news from 2Q

      Total Sales 586 vs. 596
      MNP22 154 vs 205

      No improvevment from partnerships !

    • for a major increase in NMP22 sales just yet but I could be wrong. At least not the quantum increase that we should see when Timm Medical and Diagnostic Products come on line.

      I believe but I could be wrong, that the product is not yet available for these partnersto sell. Diagnostic Products is reportedly advertising that NMP22 is soon to be available on its Emmulite tools, but I have not heard that it is in place yet.

      Likewise, I believe the schedule for Timm Medical to get its point of sale product is late this year to early next year. But I believe it still needs to be approved by the FDA.

      I think Matritech's best hope for increased sales is the greater visibility of the product in Urology circles by virtue of the length of time the product has been on the market and the fact that it has been reported to be a very important tool for detection of bladder cancer by the Journal of Urology and possibly other scientific publications.

      We will know more tomorrow and we will just have to wait. My greatest hope is that we will hear that very good progress is being made in the clinical study for NMP66 and that good progress is being made in getting the point of sale NMP22 product ready for market as well as the possibility that Diagnostic Products is near completion in getting NMP22 on its Immulite machinery.

      If good progress is being made in these areas, we should have a Very Merry Christmas and 2002 should be a very prosperous year indeed! This time frame is relatively short now.

      All IMO! Best wishes longs! Insert standard disclosure here.

      A link to the Timm Medical news release:

      A link to the DPS news release: